Sunday, February 26, 2012

I was radioactive!!

Friday was foot bone scan day which required me to show up in radiology at the hospital around 8.30 in the morning they could inject me with a radioactive substance and then take some pictures of my foot.  I then got to go back several hours for more pictures.

The thing is, I really didn't realize what a bone scan was exactly so when the tech took me to the nuclear medicine room I had a bit of a shock.  I just went with it but had a funnier reaction when after the first set of scans, he told me I was free to go but I needed to stay away from pregnant women and small children.  My look must have conveyed a slight bit of confusion because he then said to me 'well you are radioactive'.  Apparently that was exciting to me on Friday because I said cool!  He told me I was one hot lady which totally cracked me up.  I also found out that what they put in me was the same thing that made the Incredible Hulk incredible.

The things running teaches me.

Cross training and I just aren't friends.   This is going to be difficult but I'll keep trying.  I did take a spin class on Tuesday morning and liked it a lot.  It was certainly something like a million times better than just time on the bike.  But I didn't make it there on Thursday morning (I knew it would be difficult), didn't realize there was a Friday morning class until yesterday and missed yesterday's class by showing up 10 mins early and it was already full.

Clearly I've got some stuff to figure out still.  I should be able to make spin T/Th/Sat this week -- I've got it all managed (for one, show up 20 mins early on Sat).  I did ride the bike on Monday and Saturday. But really, Mon - bike, Tues - spin, Sat - bike.  Eh, that isn't really going to do me much good.  I'm two weeks down so I'd really better get more serious.

Foot still pretty sore and now my ankle is getting more sore by the day.  I think because I'm probably compensating some way with my walking so I've taken to wearing a cheapy ankle brace from the drugstore and that helps a ton.

I really have no patience for this.  Oh well.


Paul said... long before the Dr. looks at your scan?

Perhaps they should have temporary tatoos they slap on your calf of the radioactive symbol ? That would be fun 8)

Are you icing at all?

Cross training isn't as much fun as running, for sure, but like many things if you are forced to do it long enough, you may just come to like it more. Or at least enough to keep at it.

It's a great opportunity to take the time to do all thing weight training and floor exercises, yoga or whatever that you didn't have the time for when running.

Have you tried rowing?'s like thousands of mini-squats...Also good for core...nice variation from bike.

Hope you get some good news on the bone scan soon!

Raina said...

One hot mama! Love that :)

OK, more seriously, I HOPE you get answers soon. You must be feeling tortured right now. Keep up on the bike! You are doing great there!!

XLMIC said...

At least the dude had a sense of humor!

I am so sorry you're hurtin'...I hope things get better soon :)

Teamarcia said...

I don't blame you on bit for being impatient. I hope you get an answer very soon.

Anne said...

That's weird because I got the results of my bone scan within minutes of taking it. The bone glows where it's stressed. I guess every hospital is different, but it sucks if you have a fracture and keep using the foot. I hope your outcome is a positive one.

Terzah said...

I know it sucks, but you're doing the right thing with spin class. I'm just sorry it's all hurting more. Ugh. My toes are crossed for you!

Nelly said...

Radioactive?!?, lol

I hope you start to feel better, it seems like your injury is more minor than mine, I bet you'll feel better in a couple more weeks or something. Hopefully soon.

Maybe tax season for me came at the right time - since I don't have much time to work out. So maybe my body will finally heal.

That is hilarious about you now working in Mtn View, and living in SJ - opposite of me!