Monday, February 06, 2012

Happy Monday

I meant to write this first thing and it is now after 7pm.  Goodness, the days.

Anyway, it is amazing the restorative powers of a solid 10 hours of sleep.  What had me so worked up yesterday because I was in so much pain was the thought that I'd done something permanent (or long term) and that would mess up this marathon thing I've got going on.  I have never hurt so bad at the end of a race before and honestly if they were all like that, I'd just run for fun.

But alas, after falling dead alseep at 8pm and sleeping almost all the way to 6am with only two quick potty breaks (unheard of!), I felt great!  I got up and did the Sportskool yoga for runners and while deep in my hip it still hurt and my knee felt a bit wonky, I was overall perfectly fine.  Tired still, but all my worries of ruining my training were for naught.

Silly me.

So then I looked back over my splits and wow, I probably ran my best race to date.  I mean, it was the best time sure but it also had the best splits.  Sad though that I just couldn't enjoy it while I was doing it. The race the day after Christmas was just the opposite experience -- a very good race split wise and I enjoyed the whole thing.

Reinforces the fact that I need to make sure I de-stress other areas of my life as much as I can.  I'm firmly convinced my January just did me in.

Also, as I was in the shower this morning I had a thought that this possibly was the dress rehearsal of how I might feel after the full in April.  If so, yuck. But what is good is that I won't panic.  I already planned on staying in Eugene until Monday and if I might be completely taken down, then thank goodness I did that.

I'm still postponing the speed work until later in the week -- and I've got a funeral to go to in LA on Saturday so it will be crazy for a bit.  But overall my disposition is MUCH better today (always easier to be happy when not in pain!).

Yay.  And didja see those splits? ;)


Terzah said...

I was so lax reading blogs this weekend--I am going straight over to the prior one to read about your race. I'm SO glad you got such a hunka sleep.

Raina said...

You are going to be in MUCH better shape in 12 weeks than you are right now. I am sure your body is still adjusting to speed, etc...and building mileage big time.

Hope the funeral goes OK, and sorry if it was someone you were close to.

XLMIC said...

O man...I crashed early last night, too. And woke up feeling GREAT this morning. I swear there was some cosmic weirdness going on in Golden Gate Park on Sunday. I SWEAR it!

Your splits were KILLER, girl! You are going to run so strong in Eugene!

Katie @ Will Race for Carbs said...

Isn't it amazing what 10 hours of sleep will do! So glad you are feeling better and that you haven't done anything permanent.

Sorry about the funeral. :( If you drive by Camarillo, give it a wave for me ;)

Paul said...

Sleep is my food...and no calories!

Srsly, you rocked the half. Sometimes you click and it's easy, sometimes it's head down and tough it out.

You held a very even even if you were hurting you had GUTS. (as Pre would have said...a little Eugene prep thinking in there...8)

Caroline said...

I did se those splits...very nice

You should do surf city next year. Of the 3 half marathons in the area this one is the best.