Monday, January 30, 2012

Eugene Week 3

Eugene Week 3 (Jan 23 to 29)

I'm just gonna not post about week 2 -- it was fine.  I have my little notes all over the place but if I wait to post week three after week 2 I'll probably be at week 4.

Goodness its been busy.

Anyway, week 3 was fine as well.  So far, so good and it all seems very easy.  I think part of that is I'm just right under the total miles I had built up to before Christmas -- so I've not challenged myself a whole lot yet.  And the speed work is only one day a week and so far it has been very simple as well.  Part of me panics and the other part of me says to relax and calm down.  On to the details.

Monday Jan 23

Off -- and I'm always very successful on my rest days.  I do rest well.

Tuesday Jan 24

I got to pick between hill repeats and a fartlek workout. I picked the fartlek because I can't really drive to hills pre work workout.  So, on tap was 15 to 20 min warm up, 8 times 2 mins at 5k to 8k pace (8:09 to 8:27) with 1 min recover jog and then 15 to 20 min cool down.  So how did I do?


I think this qualifies as perfect!!  Look at those in bold.  I'm not sure who I was running from in split 10 but that's cool.  I'm very pleased I was able to run the lower end of the range.

Wednesday, Jan 25

35 to 50 minute easy run (9:40 to 10:10 pace).  I did 5 miles (almost 50 mins) at a 9:43 pace.  Success

Thursday, Jan 26

45 to 60 minute easy run (9:40 to 10:10 pace).  I went a little over at 64 minutes because of the route I chose.  But I did good on pace at 9:50 -- for 6.5 miles.

Friday, Jan 27

Another successful rest day

Saturday, Jan 28

Was supposed to be 90 to 105 long steady run (9:40 to 10:40).  I don't have great stats as my garmin died mid run but my friend and I ended up doing a bunch of hills at Rancho. So we were out there over 2 hours so I definitely went long.  But my average pace was about 11.25 (guessing) so a little slower recommended.  Overall I'm fine with that -- I love the hills -- and notice getting stronger right away so all is good.  I was worried I did too much as I actually had to recover (long bath and nap) and I've not needed that in awhile and certainly not for 11 miles.  But I was fine yesterday and today so I don't think I did too much.

Sunday, Jan 29

30 to 40 minute recover run (10:40 to 11:10) pace.  I suck at recovery runs.  I went for 44 minutes for 4.2 miles at a10:28 pace.  That is exhausting to try to stay so slow -- I just have so much trouble.  But I'm trying.

So onward to this week which will look a bit similar except that I'm running a race on Sunday.  Silly me.  A half marathon up in San Francisco.  It seemed like a good idea at the time though I'm not sure I really want to do it now.  But ohwell -- I'm just going to try and run it smart like Operation Jack the day after Christmas -- start conservative, negative splits, yada yada.  I had this scheduled in my plan but there's no real taper and this isn't a full knock'em dead effort. The weather gods say it is supposed to be sunny and pleasant, if not a bit chilly first thing so it will be fun.

3 down, 13 to go.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Eleven Eleven Eleven

Wow!  What a crazy start to the year.  Between work and fun, it has been non-stop.  I thought I'd have a chance to catch up today but then I went on a long and very hilly run that actually required some recovery (nice long bath and nap!) so I managed to get my errands run but not much else.  The run was worth it though -- it was so beautiful out today so a lovely day to be in the hills.

So I owe a week 2 training recap and after tomorrow I'll owe a week 3 -- and that means there's only 13 weeks until Eugene.  Which is really nothing but I'm not going to think of that because it just terrifies me.  Silly yes, but true.

Anyway, on to more fun things.  I've been tagged for the 11 Random Things post by the lovlies Terzah and Caroline.  Thank you ladies -- here goes:

You've seen 'em before, but here are The Rules:

1. Post these rules.
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
3. Answer the questions set for you in your tagger's post.
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5. Go to their blogs and tell them you’ve tagged them.
6. No stuff in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you are reading this." You legitimately have to tag 11 people!

My Eleven:

1.  I was named for Tricia Nixon -- apparently my mother fell in love with the name Tricia and hence I'm Tricia.  But the real drag is that she actually put Patricia down on my birth certificate as that was a proper name (I think that must have mattered to her) but then started calling me Tricia right away.  I've never been Pat, Patty, Patsy or Patricia but I was haunted the first day of school for years until I got the teachers straight.

2. I was on Romper Room when I was 5.  Goodness I hope someone remembers that show.  Anyway, a few years back I went looking to see if I could get the episodes I was on and low and behold, they would tape over the previous day's show the next day.  So my 30 minutes a day for 5 days of fame is not recorded anywhere.  Sob.  And, Miss Maryanne NEVER EVER said my name when she looked in her mirror. I suppose because it wasn't a proper name ;).

3. I grew up in SoCal, moved to TX (DFW area) when I was 23 and moved to NoCal when I was 36. I came back to CA kicking and screaming but now I'm okay (which is nice because it has been 11.5 years. ha).  But it would take a lot to get me to ever live in SoCal again.  

4.  I met my first 'computer friends' back in 1994 on a CompuServe forum.  I'm still in touch with most of them today.  One is one of my best friends ever even though we see each other only every other year or so.  When all of our kids were younger, we even took a couple of family vacations together.  

5.  The only states I've not been in are Alaska, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Ohio.  

6.  There are many foods I won't eat because of their texture. Mushrooms are one.  Oysters are another.  

7.  Yellow is my absolute favorite color and has been since I was one year old (so I've been told)

8.  I'm a dragon (or more appropriately, I was born in the year of the dragon -- but I like my way better).  

9.  I have two cats named Zeus and Hermes -- actually they are my daughter's cats but I have a feeling when she leaves, they stay officially earning me the title of crazy old cat lady (though my daughter assures me that I'm okay with only two -- it takes three cats to be a crazy old cat lady).  

10.  I drank Diet Coke daily from the time it came out (I think I was around 16) until two and a half years ago (yeah, that's almost 30 years -- shudder).  At my worst, I was drinking a six pack a day!  I didn't quit cold turkey but managed to quit over about a week's period.  I've not had any since nor have I wanted it.

11. I don't know how to swim.  Seriously. I never learned how.  

Now on to the real fun:  

Terzah's questions:
1. Which U.S. state do you most want to visit and what would you do there? Well, I've had the fortune of being in almost all 50 of the states -- some better than others.  But one that I've not seen yet and really want to is Alaska.  I"d love to go to the remote parts and then just see the coast and oh I don't know -- I want to see it all.

2. If you are a parent, what's the most important piece of advice you have for those of us who are also parents (and I want to know this even if your kids are still young)? If you don't have kids, what's the best thing your parents ever did for you, even if it was unpleasant at the time? It is cliche but pick you battles.  Oh that and attempt to remain calm (I usually failed at this)

3. Name your favorite sport (running, tris, cycling etc.). If you couldn't do it, what would be your next choice and why? Running -- I guess I'd cycle if I didn't run but honestly I spent most of my life doing NOTHING so I'd probably relapse back into that.  Sad

4. If you could pick a totem animal, what would it be and why? Well this one sent me running to google.  When I found the description of the animals the Bee seemed to describe me the best.  Though there were plenty other I wanted to be.  I kinda want to create my own totem now.  

5. What's the scariest thing you ever did? I don't do very many scary things actually. I do have one scary thing but that will have to be another conversation for another time.  

6. If you still live in your hometown, are you glad you stayed? If you don't still live in your hometown, would you like to go back and live there? Didn't stay in my hometown or area and don't have any desire to go back.

7. Are you a fan of motivational posters?I am.  Seems to be what I pin the most on Pinterest.  

8. Do you do well on standardized tests?It has been long enough since I've taken one that I really have no idea.  

9. Which countries/regions did your ancestors come from? Do you strongly identify with any of those places? My background is English and German.  But my relatives have been in this country long enough that I can join the Daughters of the American Revolution -- so nope, don't really identify with those places.  Fun to visit though. 

10. Which do you like best: baseball or football?Football

11. Name your favorite movie of all time.It isn't very deep but I love Hairspray - it is my go to feel good movie.  My daughter and I can recite all the lines and sing all the songs and when it is over we are happy.  

And now onto Caroline's questions:

1. What is your favorite brand of running shoes? I don't have a favorite and that makes me want to cry.  I'm still trying to fine 'my' shoe.

2. Favorite book you have read recently? I'm just fussing to a friend on gchat that I've not read anything lately and can't seem to get into reading mode.  Frustrating because I like to read overall but nothing is grabbing me.  

3. Letterman or Leno? Leno

4. How are you today? Today I am very good, thank you.  

5. Who is someone you admire?This one is always hard for me.  There are lots of people I admire but when asked my mind goes blank -- if I think of something later, I'll add it.  

6. Reality TV: yes? no? if yes...confess the worst...I won't tell anyone Sadly, The Kardashian's -- but it isn't my fault, I swear.  I totally blame my 15 year old daughter. 

7. What makes you laugh? The answer I just gave you above.  

8. Why are the Kardashians famous again? See.  

9. Favorite Olympic moment? No one favorite -- I don't have many favorites of things.   

10. What is something you cannot stand? Today I can not stand people who hog trails so you practically have to run into them.  Or they stare you down and not move even though they really need to get over and SHARE!!

11. When is your next race? Heavens, next Sunday (Feb 5th) in SF.  

Okay -- so I'm going to be a lazy slug and not tag anyone.  Yet.  It seems most people have been tagged -- so if I run across anyone who hasn't, I'll catch them then -- oh and I need to think up my 11 questions.  This is a big project.  

Monday, January 16, 2012

Eugene -- Week 1

Well well well.  Talk about disappearing -- and really no good reason for it.  Last week was just crazy at work and then this past weekend was crazy with fun.

So I've not really set forth my 2012 goals (plans really) yet nor have I recapped 2011.  Ah well.  For 2011, I mostly will say it was a good year for slow and steady growth running wise.  As for 2012, I really don't have much planned yet beyond my first big goal -- it is all a work in progress.  But suffice it to say, 2012 will end up fun, I'm sure.

Luckily my sick but not sick adventure ended right before official week one of my Eugene plan -- I take that as a good omen.  Sick in 2012 - check.   Marked off the list during the first week of the year all tidy and nice like.  Apparently I needed a rest week so I took it -- and complained mightily too.  I'm just a terrible sick person.

Anyhow, all is better and week one is done and only 15 more to go.  Oh how 15 seems like hardly any.  Now I've entered panic mode and will remain there until this thing is over.  Signing up and telling everyone I was running a marathon was all fine and dandy until it was time for the 'official' training.  But official it is so I guess I'm going to do this thing called run 26.2 mile.  At least it will give me something to write about.

Eugene Week 1 (Jan 9 to Jan 15)

I ended up going with a McMillan plan.  I didn't have enough confidence to do my own plan.  With my limited experience and the overwhelming amount of information out there I just didn't trust that I'd put together the right combo of running days, times, etc. so I decided to go with the semi custom approach.  I'd read a bunch on the McMillan site and like his approach so I signed up.  They sent me a questionnaire about my style, what I thought I needed to improve on and what my goals were, strengths were and where I was with my training so far.  It was a nice chance to look back on what I've done (not much really) and where I wanted to go.  My plan showed up on Christmas Eve so I had two weeks to go over it in a bunch of detail (I looked at it daily, often times multiple times a day!) and at first it almost seemed too simple.   But the more I focused on it, the less simple it got -- which is a good thing really.  He just did a good job of paying attention to where I said I was (and started me there) and what I wanted to improve on (more stamina -- even at the expense of speed).

My biggest goal with this will be to trust the plan and paces.  Some of the runs feel so slow (hello 10:40 min/mile recovery run) but I figure these people are the professionals and I'm the super novice.  So instead of overthinking everything (who me?) I've plugged in paces and I'm off to the races.  I've also fired up the heart rate monitor and looked at the suggested ranges and am going to use that as well.  So, we'll see how it all works out.

Without further ado, the weeks work:

Monday - Jan 9

REST!  Gotta love a plan that begins with the first day off.  But I did an ab focused yoga routine which I'll plan on keeping up.  Boy did I feel that for the rest of the week.

Tuesday - Jan 10

50 to 60 minute booster run (easy run with about 15 mins at steady state pace).  Done and done.  59 mins total

Wednesday -- Jan 11

35 to 50 minute easy run -- 50 mins done.  These paces are very easy right now so I'm good.

Thursday - Jan 12

45 to 60 minute easy run.  Did a smidgen over 60 mins but at a bit slower pace.  I've got a friend running Wed and Thursday with me for awhile anyway but she was out of practice so we slowed down.  Probably good to keep me on pace better as it all seems SO SLOW.

Friday -- Jan 13  

Rest -- so I did some yoga.  I'm also incorporating very limited (but I'm still starting it) strength by push ups every day -- will add more stuff as I find groove.

Saturday -- Jan 14

90 to 105 minutes long steady run.  I did 89 minutes -- but it was hills!!  I was out at Rancho San Antonio park that day and it was lovely.  Cold, but lovely.  So managed to keep my friends going for 8.65 miles or 89 minutes.  I'll call it good because of all the elevation change (increase of 1088ft.)

I also went to a fancy dancy party in a winery in St. Helena -- and we ended up dancing probably for at least 3 hours -- maybe four.  So yesterday and today my legs have been a bit heavy.  But I still think three hours of dancing counts as cross training and worth mentioning.

Sunday -- Jan 15

Recovery Run (30 to 45 mins) -- and this one just about did me in.  The goal is to keep the pace between 10:40 and 11:10.  That was almost impossible -- my final avg pace for the 4 miles was 10:36 which I thought was pretty good.  It was hard because when I run slower than what seems comfortable, I loose form and completely fall apart.  Everything starts to hurt -- and I was concentrating so hard on making the pace but I'd look down and see that I was going faster.  It was difficult --  I did, however, start singing. Outloud.  I figured it I could sing, it might slow me down.  I'm not sure it worked.

One thing was interesting -- and I may do a post with HR on them -- but I had a huge effort for this slow pace.  Now it was windy when I left -- but not sure why my HR showed so high.  Way higher than it should have and even higher than earlier in the week.  But I didn't feel like I was expending a lot of effort at all -- other than the effort to slow down.  So it will be interesting to see if that happens again.

Week 1 DONE!  We'll call it good. (daily mile called it gnarly! -- DM -- you haven't seen anything yet!)


Thursday, January 05, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1.  I just bought my airline ticket to Eugene!!  Hotel tomorrow -- I can only do one major purchase a day.

2. At some point, I need to outline my plans for 2012.  They are in my head -- but they really should come out.  I think it will be along the lines of:  Half, Half, Full -- then a whole bunch of 10Ks -- then Half, Half, Full in the fall (assuming I like and can manage a Full - -because who knows really).

3.  I've been sick but not sick -- the weirdest thing.  I think it might be allergies.  The sore throat is terrible and I've absolutely no energy but I'm not really sick.  I've used it as an excuse not to run this week -- 4 days no running -- which is something I've not done in months.  I was going to go this morning but when I woke up, I just couldn't move and thought I'd lay there for 15 more minutes and then get up.  Well next thing I know, an hour and a half passed so that settled that.  Tomorrow and the weekend for sure. I'm just considering this a little break -- 4 days really isn't that much.

Monday, January 02, 2012

2012 Run for a Health World Race Recap

I'm sick.  I hate being sick.  I hate being sick more than just about anything.  I don't want to be sick.  I hate it, hate it, hate it.  I'm still at the sore throat, achy body part so if it goes into my head, I'll be sick all week.

Wah, I feel sorry for me.

As long as I'm better by next Monday -- well Tuesday really.  Got to love a training plan that starts with rest day!

Anyway, just really quick since I was anything but yesterday, I did want to say more about the race -- especially for the NoCal folks who might consider running it.

The race was 2012 New Year's Run for a Health World which is one of two races put on by the World Runners group benefiting " the education of young women in Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan, microfinance and locally the Second Harvest Food Bank and the Meals on Wheels program of the Health Trust of Silicon Valley." (from their website). The other race they put on is on Labor Day.  

The race was run in the Palo Alto Baylands.  I know Paul runs out there but I've never been despite the fact it is only 30 minutes from my house.  That will change.  The course is described on their website as:  "Both scenic courses have spectacular views of the bay and are dead flat, run mostly through the marsh lands on a mix of levee trails, dirt and paved roads. They both start and end at the Palo Alto Baylands Athletic Center." That doesn't do it justice really -- but basically you feel like you are running out in the bay.  That combined with the fact it was an absolutely beautiful clear sunny day, around 50 degrees at the start, made it so wonderful.  I look forward to finding more trails out there.  

Anyway, back to the race.  This was a small race -- just my style with both a 5k and 10k.  I'd signed up for the 10k and as previously mentioned, wasn't in the best shape because of too much wine, not enough sleep, and a brewing cold so I was just so out of it.  In addition to forgetting my inhaler, I couldn't decide whether I should run with music or not, when to use the bathroom, where to line up -- every decision was major and stressful.  So finally I decided on no music (stuff the earbuds into my bra), lined up, managed to turn on my garmin and just hoped for the best and prayed for the next hour to be over quickly.  

By the quarter mile mark I knew the no music was a bad decision -- the trail narrowed quickly so people were closing in.  Nothing I couldn't handle normally but because I wasn't feeling well it started to freak me out -- so I dug around for my ear buds and got them in, turned on the music and suddenly relaxed.  The music blocked out the distractions so  I was able to get in the running grove and knew I could get it done and without a personal worst.  

The rest of the run was mostly uneventful.  The field thinned out pretty quickly really so by mile two I was pretty much just with this one woman who was running a lovely pace so I settled in behind her -- but I wasn't paying much attention and was mostly very focused on keeping my legs moving.  I think I got a bit to close to her because suddenly she turns around and says "do you want to pass me?  just pass me?" and she let me go by.  Well then I felt bad so I apologized to her but I'm not entirely sure what I did.  I was probably too close to her though I didn't think so at the time -- I was behind her but to the right of her and honestly if I wanted to pass her, I would have done it!  Oh well -- I still apologized because I didn't mean to be a jerk or a drafter or anything else I possibly was.  

(The funny thing is, I think this just bothers some people more than others.  Last summer at a 10K I followed this guy through the whole race -- he was just going a perfect pace so I just knew if I could stay with him I"d make it (was a tough 10k course).  And at the end of the race he found me and thanked me for staying with him because it kept him going.  This also happened to a friend of mine at the 11K last November -- she followed two guys, thanked them at the end for keeping a good pace for her and they told her she motivated them to keep moving just as much.  And it doesn't bother me when someone is behind me either -- it keeps me focused and steady.  But clearly it bothered this woman so I'm going to have to be a bit more aware and careful).  

After the above incident, a mother/son team caught me -- they were awesome.  I really thought they'd pass me but I was going to hang with them while I could.  They ended up backing off after a bit and I never saw them again. 

All in all --it was a good race and I look forward to doing it again when I feel better.  It was my size, well run, super nice people, great course and it started at 9.30 which is so smart on NYD.  So next year, I'll be back and I'd recommend it.  

Oh oh oh -- the part about how I thought I might have age group placed -- which I totally didn't do (7/35).  The first part of the race was an out and back, so shortly after I saw the first male, I saw the first female and knew I was coming close to the turn around so I started counting women -- and got to 15 (which was wrong as I ended up 19th female but whatever).  It is impossible to tell how old anyone is when running (unless they are young or very old) so I had no idea really what was ahead of me but when I was talking with this woman after the race who was a volunteer she asked how I did and I mentioned that while my time wasn't stellar, there might have been only 15 women ahead of me - so she tells me how wonderful the prizes are and to stay around for the awards because the odds might be in my favor.  I'd sort of been thinking that as well but since the age group awards were in a 10 year span so I wasn't sure.  Well who would have predicted all the fast 40 + year old women showed up that day!!!  The first woman was over 40 and that never happens.  These are the ages of the top 10:

Pretty impressive.  5 of them over 40.  That makes me so happy really -- I love this sport where you can be older and still compete in small local races.  That is really awesome in my mind.  So no age group award for me which is just fine.  Really wasn't expecting it considering all else of the morning.

Here's to a fantastic start to what will hopefully be a great year!  Happy 2012!

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Christmas Recap, Getting Sick and the beginnings of a race recap

What a week!  Exhausting and I will be very glad to have things settle back to normal.

It started off with Christmas weekend.  You know, I'm just getting too old to do a crazy 4 day quick turnaround driving trip to LA by myself.  Especially on a holiday weekend when what is a normal 5.5 to 6 hour drive turns into a 7.5 plus hour drive. Both ways.  Hwy 5 from NoCal to SoCal just sucks and there's nothing redeeming about it at all. My poor girl got sick on the way down so we had 3 emergency pull overs for her to throw up and that is stressful for a few reasons too.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were nice -- the highlights:

1.  I got in a 6 mile run on Christmas Eve (in Manhattan Beach !! prompting me to come back and tell my daughter that next job offer I got in LA, I was taking and we were moving.  I took back that comment two days later when we were trying to get out of LA.  See, that's the problem with SoCal -- you can't go anywhere.  You are totally stuck where you are.)
2.  I got a slow leak in one of my tires on Saturday that was going to have to be fixed on  Monday before I headed back up the state.
3.  My hair caught fire at the candlelight church service.  (this is actually funny because I'm obviously fine -- but the service was over and for some reason, we didn't blow out our candles so when I turned to say something to my boy and his dad in the pew behind me, the next thing I hear is sizzle of my hair so I just closed my eyes and knew someone else was going to have to help and thank god, my ex husband saw it too and started swatting at me with the church bulletin (and yes, there are major jokes to be made from that!! and honestly it was funny.)  Major trauma was adverted and  he caught it so quick you can't even tell I was on fire!).

So Monday, after two days of Christmas time indulging and fun, I ran my little race, got my tire fixed and headed back up this blasted state.  We rolled in at 8pm after 7.5 hours of driving.  Luckily the girl managed not to throw up. The next day came too quickly and unfortunately I had to work.  That day was torture because I was so exhausted and then the week didn't get better no matter how much I slept. Then on  Thurs, Fri and Saturday mornings I woke up in pain -- achy pain all over my entire body.  So yesterday afternoon it FINALLY dawns on me that I'm getting sick (maybe it was that sore throat that finally showed up?  I do miss the subtle clues).

I started sucking down Vit C and echinacea which may be totally useless but it makes me feel better.  I wasn't horribly sick but wasn't 100% either.  But, it was New Year's Eve and I was just meeting a friend for an early dinner and a movie -- a nice low key evening so I decide to go ahead. Dinner was fine and the movie was fantastic (The Descendants) but so emotional that after we were done, we went and had another glass of wine. Well, she had one and for some reason I had two.  At 11pm.  When I'm sick and also have signed up for a 10k in the morning.  (I know.  It makes no sense at all).

But the movie really really required two glasses of wine to analyze it.

So then we head back to her house to watch the ball drop in Time Square with my daughter (who had been babysitting friend's daughters) and it wasn't until 1:30AM that I got to bed.

Apparently I was channeling my inner 25 year old.  But lord she really needs to grow up because my 47 year old self just can't keep up.

As expected, a terrible night sleep ensued:

1.  wine=no sleep guaranteed!
2.  wine = headache=repeatedly wondering why I do this to myself
3.  My son showed up at 5.30 in the morning and decided to play his guitar and sing.  At 5.30.  AM.  In my house.  And wake me up.  He assures me that I grossly exaggerated the volumn when I asked him to stop singing at the top of his lungs (and lets be clear, there was no asking at all -- I went storming out to the family room and  said  yelled "what in the hell are you doing singing at the top of your lungs at 5:30 in the morning??????!!!!! yeah, one of my finer mom moments.  But really?

Anyway (and if anyone is still with me on this rambling all inclusive post, I'm impressed) I still had a couple of hours before I had to get up because of the 9:30 race start but there was no sleeping now.  I spent the next three hours trying to decide if my sore throat and lack of sleep warranted a DNS.  During this I got dressed, ate, nuun'd, and generally made it seem like I was going to go.  I finally decided I'd go run the race and come home and go immediately back to bed.  I was being superstitious that if I blew off a race on the first day of the year, it would set the tone for the rest of the year.

Yeah, I'm silly.

Half way to the race I realize I'd forgotten my inhaler -- this is bad.  It was cool this morning and I was a bit stuffy headed -- two things that will trigger the exercise asthma.  But I didn't have time to go back so I realized there was a great chance I'd stop breathing during the race which seemed kind of apropos to the night/morning.  But I kept on driving and told myself to just try and not race it -- just treat it as a nice run.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA - Even my totally out of it self knew that was a big fat joke.  But a girls gotta try.

It was a lovely race -- and in an effort not to go on for too much longer, I'll do the race recap tomorrow.  The hightlights were that I didn't stop breathing (yay!), finished in a respectable for me time of 53.11, and at the end I met this 59 year old woman who is a sprinter (she ran the 5K) and has been running since she was 21 when she was first ALLOWED to.  And she said at first she ran barefoot until her teammates pooled their money and bought her shoes -- but they were mens shoes and too bid so she had to stuff socks in them.  Imagine.  She still races annually in a track meet (didn't get more specifics).  Unfortunately I didn't get any contact information from her and she's from So Cal so who knows if I'll see her again.  :(.  She was lovely though and got 2nd place in her age group.

Did I go back to bed today?  No. And no nap either which isn't like me.  Not sure how I'm functioning but I did manage to do a lot of laying around.  Thank god for the holiday tomorrow.  I just have to get this cold gone as quickly as possible as 1.9.12 is the magic day.  Marathon training begins.