Monday, March 05, 2012

I Hate My Right Foot

So, guess what?  It's a stress fracture after all.

Who knew?

I've still not seen the doctor which was fine but of course I missed his call so all I have is that it is on a metatarsal (but he didn't say which one -- but from the pain it is middle to right of right foot), just continue to do NO high impact anything (easy enough since it hurts) and come back in 4 weeks or sooner if it gets worse.


I think it is getting worse.  My ankle hurts -- so I'm not sure why that is if the stress fracture is in the foot.  The only thing I can think of is that I'm walking weird to favor my foot.

Sob again.

Anyway, Plan B is looking trickier and trickier -- so I've come up with a loosely thought through Plan C.  Will share later.

I'll keep with spinning - because it does burn off steam -- but I'm also not entirely sure I should.  Sometimes when I stand it hurts.  Duh, I know.  I shouldn't stand.  That's probably best.  And I'm such a dork, in every spin class (I'm still such a dork because I have trouble adjusting the bike so people actually help me which is very nice) I feel the need to tell someone I'm a runner.  Like anyone cares but me.

I'm just so mad at myself.  I was so darned careful for two years of running.  So careful.  One week I blow it and poof -- there goes my foot.

And now almost 4 weeks into this I'm very fussy.


Terzah said...

I'm so sorry, Tricia. I do wish the doctor could say more than that to help you get through this! Is there any option for pool running?

XLMIC said...

Tricia, you didn't blow it. And it didn't happen all in just one week. And everything happens for a reason. And you will learn BUCKETS of useful, marvelous things from the experience. That doesn't mean it doesn't totally SUCK! are awesome and I love you.

Caroline said...

Ah crap....
I am so sorry....I dont have any experience with stress fracture..
I wish I had a miracle advice for patient..hang in there.

Nelly said...

Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that. A stress fracture is what I thought you had a couple weeks ago based on your symptoms. So unfortunately you have the same injury as me now.

And I don't think you blew it in just one week, it might have been accumulating gradually over time or something. But generally stress fractures are caused by doing too much when your body is fatigued or not used to that kind of impact. I got mine from doing too much activity after not being able to run for a while due to left knee injury.

I would be careful in spin class, only do what feels fine. You might want to ask your doctor what activities are okay for you to do to ensure that you don't make it worse.

And yea, nothing anyone says will make it better. It sucks, and my experience dealing a right foot stress fracture is an example of that. I've learned that you need to get used to doing a variety of cross training exercises (yoga, swimming, biking, etc) to try to get a good workout in without running. It is a tough adjustment.

Kathy said...

oh no!!! so sorry to read this! Injuries are so hard, and it's so hard to listen to our bodies (i.e. not standing when it hurts in spin) - you will learn a lot and come back stronger! I feel for you though! :(

SF Road Warrior said...

So sorry to hear it....Injuries & time off are never easy to deal with. But I completely agree with XL that it's not something you should feel personally bad about, and you'll come through a stronger & more knowledgeable runner. Hang in there & try to stay positive!

Raina said...

I can tell you are heart-broken, Tricia. I am so sorry about the injury. These things always make us analyze and re-analyze to try and fix it. All I can say is that I hope the time goes by very quickly for you, and I am glad you have an answer to what went wrong.

Raina said...

I hope you can keep spinning, Tricia. That's a great workout! You will keep tons of fitness. Also, there is a great pool running training plan by Pete Pfitzinger online if you google it.
Thinking of you today. :)

Teamarcia said...

Noooooo! I'm so sorry. I know several people who've gone thru this though and have emerged stronger/faster than ever. Small consolation now, I know but hang in there. Sending you many speedy healing thoughts.