Monday, February 20, 2012

Plan B

I am officially the owner of a 24 Hour Fitness membership.  I know I talked about it for awhile, but with the very dry winter we've had, I've been able to stay out of the gym.  This was a good thing for me as I've never been a gym rat -- the music it too loud, the temps are too controlled, I'm a dork when it comes to trying to figure out the equipment.  I find it all sorts of intimidating.


At first I thought the rain would send me in to a treadmill but no, it is my foot sending me in for other contraptions that I'll just have to get over my intimidation.  Later today I'll go figure something out.

One nice thing is that there is a spin class on Tues/Thurs mornings at 5:30.  I've never in my life taken a spin class but I think having the class will make me sort of obligated to go.  It might be fun.  Who knows.  So tomorrow I'll go early and talk to the instructor and attempt to take a spin class.

I do believe this foot/ankle thing is a sprain -- all signs have pointed there.  I can walk on it mostly pain free (a little sore) but the second I put pressure as in running, it is pretty painful.  There's just no way I'm running right now.  And based on all the poking around the internet I've done, a sprain takes 4 to 6 weeks to heal.  I'm not even quite at week 2 so doing the math, I'm pretty darned sure Eugene is out as a marathon.  If it wasn't the first and I was more confident, maybe I could do it.  But it is the first and I've no confidence so I've been thinking about what I should do if I don't start running for anther 4 weeks or so.  And I've got a plan!

1.  Attempt to view this set back as an opportunity to do more than play lip service to strength and core work.  Work out an actual plan I can stick with during marathon training instead of the haphazard, no focus stuff I have been doing.

2.  Embrace cross training.  This is hard -- I've never liked to exercise.  I've liked to run.  Sounds funny but obviously I need a back up plan.

3.  Still plan on going to Eugene -- just drop back to the half.  I should have plenty of time to bet back up to speed for the Half at the end of April.

4.  Pick new marathon!  I've gone back and forth.  Do I just pick one in May/June -- and continue on with training?  Do I go later out in the year?  Fall?  When in Fall?  CIM?

This was trickier -- my first inclination was to go for something in the May/June time frame.  But from the little poking around I've done, nothing grabbed me and I'd have to travel for most anything out there. I did think about RNR San Diego -- but I know the crowds would make me all nervous and such. Plus, I'd be back to travelling and then possibly be by myself.

So, I think I've tentatively decided on San Francisco which is at the end of July.  At first I wouldn't consider that one -- it is hard from what I hear.  But then it is just hard because of hills -- and so what really.  Hills slow me down but  it may also make me to forget to have a time goal and just focus on finishing.  Since it is just up the road, no travelling is be involved and I'd probably be able to take a cheering squad with me (my local runner girls).

The more I've thought about this, the more excited I've gotten.  This could work -- when I can run again, I just start slow again, then just start over with the training plan towards the beginning of April.  That will take me nicely to the end of July.  I can be smarter about racing during the training and I'll have a better plan in place regarding strength and core.

So unless I wake up in the next couple of days with a miraculously healed foot/ankle I'm on to Plan B.     


Paul said...

Hi Tricia,
Plan B sounds like a good idea....yup 4-6 weeks is how long it takes (I know from my calf strain experiences)

Glad you'll still be doing the half at Eugene.

One thing I like about cross training on the stationary bike is that I get to read. (when not pushing hard anyway). Also all the extra muscles you get are good 8)

SF sounds like a great idea for your first...and yes, you can just have fun with it. It gets pretty crowded on the bridge, and with that and the hills it's not a PR course at all, but being your first, it will still be a PR ;)

My wife and I do stuff up in the city all the time so it's fun to have seen it in this "other" way by foot.

Plus, where else can you run marathon in July so close by?


Caroline said...

that sounds like a good plan..cross training that is hard for me also..I am not consistant and I dont like it.

SF! I would like to do it. The hills are good to me...I dont know why.

Terzah said...

An excellent Plan B!

I started spin class more than a year ago as cross-training and found I really liked it (though a lot depends on the instructor and how much you like their music choices, at least in my case). I'm still doing it one day a week. I think you'll like the gym membership and it will help you stay in shape as your sprain heals.

Good luck!!

Katie @ Will Race for Carbs said...

I love spinning. It is a great workout! If I could make the classes I would go (right at preschool drop off time). I think you have a good attitude and injuries can be a good time to refocus on all the stuff we blow off for running!

Raina said...

Hope you can some how miraculously pull off plan A, but if not, you have a very well planned out plan B.

Hoping you heal quickly! And that the summer marathon works out well :)

Nelly said...

Sorry to hear that you are slowed by this injury. Ever since I've been following you it seems like you've been running pain free and getting faster every month. I'm assuming that you had your injury checked out by a doctor, I would make sure to do this if you haven't already. I know when I got my stress fracture, one of the tests he asked me to do was to hop on one foot - if there was no pain I was pretty much okay.

Before signing up for a new marathon, I would make sure you are fully good to go from your injury. Don't want to do what I did and sign up for a later marathon but be unable to do it due to injury.

I can attest that SF is tough. The hills are the hardest part - see my blog for a race recap of it. But it is also gorgegous, runnig over golden gate bridge is awesome.

Your decision to not do San Diego is a good one, it is overpriced, and very crowded.

Good luck with your injury.

Kathy said...

Got to cross train - full speed ahead for Plan B!