Monday, August 27, 2012

CIM -- Weeks 1 and 2

I really want to do weekly recaps of this training cycle -- mostly for my own benefit because I'm not entirely certain I'm going to make it through (pessimistic much?) and I want to document what the heck is going on so if something happens, I can possibly figure out why.  But lord my days are busy busy busy (good busy) and then I'm tired.  But onward....

CIM Week One:

This was a complete and absolute confidence buster week and honestly my confidence isn't all that high right now so I really didn't need it at all.  I'm really not feeling in as good of shape as I was when I started to train for Eugene -- so every slight thing has me rethinking my decision to actually attempt this marathon.  But I'm committed and luckily week 2 got better.  Here goes week 1:

Monday, Aug 13
Planned:  5 miles at Rancho -- mile warm up, mile up hill as fast as possible, same down and repeat.
Reality:  First mile, fine.  Second mile very difficult (HOT).  Third mile and my foot went all wonky.  It was like something was in my shoe.  Slowed it down a bit and at the bottom of the hill checked it out and realized nothing was in my shoe.  It was all in my foot.  No paid just so weird.  I made it half way through mile 4 and it got worse and worse so I turned around and joggled back down the hill.  Ended up with 4 miles -- no real speed work and a complete panic.

When I got home, I put a compression band on it and it loved that!  Still thinking maybe some tape will help.

Tuesday, Aug 14
Planned:  Rest
Reality:  Rest

Wednesday, Aug 15
Planned:  35 to 50 minute easy run
Reality:  More rest.  Went to chiropractor to have him look at the foot.  It hadn't been bad at all -- not really sore.  So he crunched my foot around and did some really painful stuff and sent me on my way.  All seemed well.

Thursday, Aug 16
Planned: 45 to 60 minute easy run
Reality:   61 minutes and 6 miles -- but boy was it a slog fest.  I thought that after two rest days I'd feel great but not so much.  I've noticed when the chiropractor puts me on his cox table (and he loves to), it ruins my back for a few runs afterwards (and by ruins, I mean it hurts and I've got to stop to stretch quite a bit).  Anyway, I made it but was NOT feeling good.

Friday, Aug 17
Planned:  Rest initially -- then thought I should at least run a bit
Reality:  Rest -- just couldn't move

Saturday, Aug 18
Planned:  90 to 105 minute long steady run
Reality:  90 mins for 7.59 miles.  Was tough.  Foot started feeling wonky right away.  That same feeling from earlier in the week where it felt like something was moving inside my foot.  But I just kept on running this time.  It only was a smidgen sore, mostly weird feeling so I just ran.  We ended up doing a bit of walking too -- as my friend and I needed some chat time and I was crazed with foot wonky.  Didn't feel all that great after that run either.

Sunday, Aug 19
Planned:  30 to 45 min recover run
Reality:  I had to run more -- just had to.  So I ended up with a 72 min run for 7.51 miles.  From dailymile:   Foot was so weird -- thinking weird is the new normal -- but it wasn't hurting so I went with it. After being very stiff all the rest of the day, seems to be better. So maybe all will be okay.  Was a recover day but I just had to run anyway -- help with confidence.

Weird is the new normal - -motto of the day.  Though later in the day I was almost completely find -- no soreness nor weirdness.

I ended the week with a depressing 25 miles -- depressing because not one of them felt particularly good.

CIM Week Two

Theme for the week:  So Much Better.  Amazing how it can change but thankfully it does.

Monday, Aug 20
Planned:  Rest
Reality:  Rest

Tuesday, Aug 21
Planned:  50 to 60 minute Pace Booster -- run 20 mins in the middle at steady state pace (8.42 to 8.57)
Reality:  58 mins (6.32 miles):  20 mins at 10 m/m, 20 mins at 8:35 m/m, 18 miles at 9:15.  Felt fantastic!  Not foot weirdness but a little foot tiredness later in the day.

Wednesday, Aug 22
Planned:  35 to 50 minutes at 9:40 to 10:10
Reality:  49 minutes (5 miles) at 9:45 pace.  Run was a ton of work.  Probably still a bit worn out from Tuesday

Thursday, Aug 23
Planned:  45 to 60 minutes at 9:40 to 10:10
Reality:  61 minutes for 6.23 miles.  Nice and easy --  not foot weirdness and felt great.

Friday, Aug 24
Planned:  Rest
Reality:  Glorious Rest

Saturday, Aug 25
Planned:  90 to 105 min long steady run
Reality:  115 for 12 miles!!!  First double digit run since last Feb and stupid stress fracture.  A bit longer than on the schedule but I've got a half in a few weeks and needed the confidence booster.  Foot definitely didn't like mile 6 -- it was uphill on a very cambered trail.  By the time I got to the top I'd thought for sure I'd done it.  But once I started back, all was fine.  Foot was tired at the end but okay. But as the day wore on, it got a bit sore so after my couple of errands, I just planted myself on the sofa and called it required rest!

Sunday, Aug 26
Planned:  30 to 45 Recover Run
Reality:  40 mins for 4 miles.  Probably didn't keep this one as slow as I should have.  I tried but every time I looked down, I was going faster.  I think I'll set it to beep when I get over a specific heart rate next time and see if that works.

All in all a much better week however I'm still concerned with my foot.  Most days I wake up and it hurts like crazy but after walking around a bit, it seems fine.  The runs usually make it tired but not sore enough to quite while running.  Sometimes it feels great while running and other times weird.  But the morning pain is consistent so I'm wondering if it is a bit of PF.  But that doesn't explain why it sometimes feels like it is moving on the inside.

I think I might try a podiatrist next.  Someone's got to be able to tell me what is going on.

At least week two ended in a much better place than week one.  Still questioning my sanity in doing this right now without any kind of consistency in what my foot feels like but what the heck.  It is a done deal now.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Here we go again....

Alrighty then -- thought I'd join back up with the blogging world after my months plus absence.  No real reason for my disappearance other than I've been pretty busy with work and really didn't have all that much to say.  Each post would have been something like 'went for a run, am exhausted, building back up sucks' so I spared myself the writing and anyone else the reading.

But -- let me tell you, last week my body was all welcome to the 30 mile range -- and by that I mean after 3 weeks at 30ish miles I FINALLY didn't feel like I wanted to die.  Or sleep.  All. the. time.

So this is what I've been up to since I was last around these parts:

6/25 to 7/1 -- 22 miles
7/2 to 7/8 -- 26 miles
7/9 to 7/15 -- 27 miles
7/16 to 7/22 -- 9 miles (didn't mean to take the week off but silly life)
7/23 to 7/29 -- 31 miles
7/31 to 8/5 -- 30 miles
8/6 to 8/12 -- 33 miles

Pretty decent and relatively sensible mileage build up not withstanding my 9 mile week (it was supposed to be a 20ish miler -- oh well).  But let me tell you, it kicked my ass.  In the whole scheme of running  this isn't all that much mileage but being old and exhausted, it felt like I was running 100 mile weeks (not that I'd know what that felt like or anything).  And I was starting to panic because I really wanted to have comfortable 30 mile weeks to start CIM training.  Thankfully about last Wednesday it all settled in -- I started sleeping better, feeling better and my body seems to have adjusted.

WHEW -- because today is day 1 of the CIM training schedule.

Yikes.  The only thing I'm thinking about now is getting to the starting line -- funny how that now is the main goal.  After the Foot Ordeal of 2012, I no longer take starting a race for granted.  However, I'm sure as it gets closer I'll allow myself to actually think about finishing.

In other news, I've also been doing all my core exercises -- roughly 20 mins a day for 5 or 6 days a week.  I've been pretty consistent amazingly enough and I am finally starting to see the difference it is making.  I've still got lingering aches and pains -- but I think will all the adjustment my back has been through, that is to be expected.

So that's it for now -- I'm sure I'll be posting more and at least once a week so I've got record of this training.  I'm super excited and very nervous.  I think once I get past the 5 week mark (when I got the stress fracture back in the winter) I'll feel better.  Like I made it through the magic point.  It is also a bit scary as I'm running a half that week -- same as I did last Feb.  So once that is over and the week is past, hopefully the nervousness will fade until the end.

So here we go again...