Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Eleven Questions

Anne over at Run DMZ tagged me for the 11 Random Things post.  Since I've already posted my Eleven Things I'll spare myself from having to think up 11 more (it was hard for some reason) and just answer her questions.  Here goes:

1. If you could trade bodies with any animal, what creature would it be? I answered this last.  I don't know -- I can't decide on a real answer and I can't come up with a flippant one either.  The problem is, I like being human.  The whole opposable thumbs thing is one reason.  There are a few choices (scroll down on the link) but non of them seem particularly appealing.  Geeze, I totally get stuck on the creature question.  HA
2. Coffee or tea? Coffee all the way.
3. What are the coldest conditions you've ever run in? I'm a Calif girl -- but it does get to freezing here.  
4. What do you tell someone immediately after they DNF? I've never had to do this -- but I think I'd try the positive self talk.  Or cry with them.  Guess it depends on who and how they react and why.  
5. What is your favorite comfort food? Mac n' Cheese - - from a box.  Pathetic.  
6. Why do people think Scarlett Johanssen is pretty? I think she's pretty in a non classic way.  Her sleepy eyes and kind of a sweet look.  Why others think she is pretty?  Who knows -- maybe the same or maybe it is her boobs.  
7. How many stitches have you accumulated over the years? Zero
8. If you were a wine, what type of wine would you be?  I would be a Pinot
9. What was your favorite class in high school? Algebra II/Trig and Pre Calculus - yes, I was a nerd. 
10. Do androids dream of electric sheep? I've never pondered this quite frankly.  
11. And do you know the movie question 10 is based upon (without using Google, Yahoo or Bing, please!)? I do now  ;)

Thanks Anne!  


Terzah said...

OK, let's plan (someday) to eat mac and cheese out of a box and drink wine together.

Katie @ Will Race for Carbs said...

Nice answers. I think if I could momentarily trade bodies with any animals I would want to be a cheetah so just for once I could feel what it is like to be fast! But really I think just any zoo animal would be a better answer. You don't have much freedom but the benefits are great and the health care is amazing!

Anne said...

Good answers, Tricia. Math was my favorite subject in school too. Of course, that meant I was destined for a career as a writer :-).