Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Attempt #2

All signed up.  Second attempt at first marathon:

Getting it all wrapped up before the end of the world. Don't want to leave any loose ends.

I was very happy with last week's runs.

 I ran 22 miles total and felt great and pain free in all parts.  The week ended with a 7 mile run at Rancho San Antonio park and it was just wonderful.  I should hit 25 miles this week and 5 of it already happened last night again out at Rancho -- we have this mile hill that we run up as fast as we can, then back down and repeat.  So I guess it is mile hill repeats -- a workout that I'm still feeling in my legs -- definitely need hill training.  But this is a great work out to get in shape so I'm working it in once a week.

All fun and games.

PS.  I just realized the header I pulled from the website didn't list the name -- but in case there was a question it is CIM.  They need an easy logo to steal.