Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Eugene Week 4

I should be in bed relaxing in anticipation of sleep.  I spend a lot of time in bed for someone who doesn't sleep much.  But I'm ever hopeful!  I want to get this down before we're done with week 5.

Eugene Training Week Four (Jan 30th to Feb 5th)

Which means 12 weeks to go.  That's kinda hardly any, right?  Or is it a ton, just relax?

You saw how I feel apart on Sunday -- relax is just not very often in my vocabulary.

Alas, lets get onto to it.  Another relatively easy week (not counting that silly Half Marathon I ran well and complained about).


Monday Jan 30 -  Rest

Success.  Though really I want to be doing some yoga and stuff on the rest days.  I'm getting there, slowly.

Tuesday Jan 31 -- 15-20min warm up, 4to5 times 3 minutes at Half Marathon Pace (8.42) (which is a smidgen faster than my actual one of last week but lets not pay attention to that), 2 min recovery jog between, 10to20 cooldown.

So what did I do?  Pretty much that.  Training plans are such wonderful things for rule followers.  Here's the details:

Avg Pace

Looks like I got a bit excited on lap 6 (or the third repeat) but I'll call this a success.  Though I wonder if you go faster on the speed work than the prescribed pace if that is bad.  Oh well -- I just can't worry too much.  Fairly short work out and it is dark.  I can hardly see my watch and I'm mostly worried about hitting the lap button at the correct time.  Pace suddenly becomes second to when I can slow down.  HA.

Wednesday, Feb 1st. -- 30 to 45 mins easy

Ran 4.5 miles in 44:48 mins for a 9:57 pace.  I thought I was supposed to be running 35 to 50 minutes (like last week) and was shooting for 5 miles.  But felt a bit sluggish and remembered it was suggested my Mr. McMillan that this week I should use as a step back week so I cut the run short and then checked the plan and I'd run at the top end anyway.  Oh brother.  Please note, suggested easy run pace is 9:40 to 10:10 - I ran 9:57.  Following the rules!!!

(oh and I just checked my comments on daily mile -- felt exhausted, dizzy and light headed when I got home and commented that work stress might be getting to me.  yeah, maybe.  but first lets run a half marathon and see)

Thursday, Feb 2nd -- 40 to 50 mins easy

So today I did 5 miles in 49:11 minutes for a 9:49 pace.  Still following rules!!

(oh and today's comment on daily mile was that I overslept and thankfully my running friend texted me when she left her house and not when she was sitting in my driveway so I had enough time to jump up and get dressed before she got here -- I'm sensing a tired theme for the week)

Friday, Feb 3rd -- off


Saturday, Feb 4th - 20 to 30 mins easy

Ran 3 miles in 28.40 mins for a 9:33 pace.  I apparently stopped following the rules on Saturday.  My daily mile comment says my legs wanted to run.  They wanted to run on Sunday too thankfully though the rest of my body was pretty much over it.

Saturday, Feb 5th -- Race Half Marathon

A total success -- how can I call it anything but.  A 40sec PR with a time of 1.56.16 and lovely even splits.  Next time maybe I'll enjoy it more.  Or at least complain about it less.

Lets call week 4 good and be done with it.  I've rearranged week 5 all to pieces to accommodate recovery from last Sunday and being gone this Saturday.  But it is all good.  Tomorrow we fartlek again.  10 times.  Yikes.


XLMIC said...

You are just nailing your plan, girl :) This is awesome prep!

Alisyn said...

Looks like a strong training week! Keep it up!

Kathy said...


Paul said...

So far so good..keep it up!

Re: overachieving the training schedule.

I think it's ok from time to time to do more than the sched (even intentially ;).

The main issue is can you take the training to come without slacking off?

And assuming the answer to that question is yes...then the next question is...

Can you keep doing that and not get injured?

That is the tough one to answer. But it's why we have 'rules' like dont build mileage more than XX% per week etc.

In the end training plans have to be malleable. Sometimes because you are overtired, sometimes because you feel full of beans.

That's the nice thing about a online coach..they can see how you did and felt (esp if you write a blog ;) and react on that. Or you can just ask for a different mix of stuff, etc

For the your first buildup I wouldn't worry...I think you are probably under training a bit if I had to judge but that's better than getting injured and not making it to the start at all.

my $.02..we are still early in the cycle...

Terzah said...

Don't you love those fartleks?! I have a choice between those and hills tomorrow. Because of the icy roads I'm going to do the hills.

You are doing great!! Really nailing it. Those pacing skills will come in so handy in Eugene.

Raina said...

Nice work on the intervals! Nailed it.

Your Thursday is exactly what would happen if I trained with a parter. Ha!

Katie @ Will Race for Carbs said...

Good work! And enjoy those fartleks (am I the only one who giggles when I say that?).