Sunday, March 18, 2012

Stop me from buying more running 'things'

So, does anyone else do this...spend money on running stuff when you are not running?  In the past 6 weeks I've managed to acquire:

2 running skirts
1 pair of running shoes
1 Nike Half Zip Element top (I love those -- and it WAS on sale)
1 lime green tank

Oh and one pair of tight fitting shorts -- I call it the old lady version of the booty short (6in inseam).  I actually bought those for spin class because wearing capris was just too hot.  I'm not sure how 90% of the women in spin class do it in capris but it wasn't working for sweaty me.

Anyhow, I don't buy that much running stuff in this short of period when I am running!  I guess the answer to the question 'what are doing with all your spare time now that you aren't running?" is "I'm buying running things."

Oh oh oh, and yesterday I bought this:


Cranky and Moody doesn't even begin to describe it really.  Yesterday I missed spin class because even though I got there 15 mins before the class, it was all filled up.  I did 10 mins on the bike but got off when they announced a last minute opening in spin.  But even though I flew down the stairs to where the class is, someone beat me to it.  I was crushed.  So after adamantly telling the guy they needed two Saturday spin classes and him informing me that for a $1 I could sign up early, I didn't have the energy to continue on the bike.  I came home and threw a major temper tantrum instead (because that's productive).  My exhusband and son were here picking up my daughter for breakfast so I had an audience.  I ranted on and on about how stupid spin was and I hate the gym and all I want to do is run and blah blah blah.  After my exhusband told me that he was sure I'd feel better if I'd just do something, the three of them beat a hasty retreat.  I can hardly blame them -- I was crazed.

I remembered this t-shirt, ordered it and figured I'd start wearing it as warning.

This foot really needs to get better soon -- my pocketbook can't handle much more and the people around me are convinced I've lost my mind.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


I didn't mean to leave that last post up there as long as I did.  I was feeling very sorry for myself that day but it was short lived.  I'm not thrilled that this happened and I really just want to run again, but I'm a firm believer in that everything happens for a reason and looking back, my reason for this is that I just flat out needed to take it easy for a bit.  Too much 'life' stress was there and while I thought that the running was helping me cope (and I'm sure it was to an extent), the combination of life stress and then sudden marathon training stress was too much I think.  I'm pretty sure now that I'd have never made it through this training cycle so I'm lucky the injury wasn't worse and silly enough, I'm glad there was an injury (to a limited extent).  I would have totally felt like a failure if I just wasn't able to make it through and looking back at the last 5 weeks, I can't even imagine keeping up with it all in the midst of the other life crap.

So amazingly enough, all is good.  And on the life front all is very good.  I'm not going to elaborate for all the world to see but suffice it to say, I was in a job situation that wasn't the best for me.  It hadn't been for quite some time and recently gotten worse.  So I was actively looking for another job and one came through. I've gone one more week at the old place and then I'm off to a new place that I'm very excited about and I'm convinced the person who will be my boss and I will get along really well because we seemed to hit it off during the interview process very well.  Working for someone you like and respect is so important.

The world is looking brighter.

I've done a lot of thinking on what I can do for the rest of the year to meet certain goals while making sure I don't end up back here on the injured list again.  The biggest thing is to reevaluate Plan B.  If you remember, Plan B had me running the San Francisco Marathon as my first one.  That is at the end of July and I really got all excited about it.  BUT.  And this is huge.  I would have to start officially training for that (assuming a 16 week plan) the first week in April.  Well, here it is March 11th and I'm not even running.  So even assuming I'll be running on April 1st -- realistically there is no way I should start a marathon training cycle on a now non-existent base.

Also, I will be starting a new job and no matter how excited about that I am, there is some built in stress and adjustment when that happens.  Plus, I'm taking on a big job with lots to get done so I suspect that I'll be busier.  All super fun stuff (for me anyway) but I did FINALLY have a good ole talk with myself and realized that I'd be a silly fool to jump right into marathon training given both of these things.  Maybe if I'd done one before and maybe if I was younger and maybe if I were more fit  - but for me for now, it would probably be just another injury waiting to happen.

I'm getting smarter about this.

I've embraced Plan C.  Plan C has me running whenever I can again (please let it be soon, running gods, pretty please) and then go back to what I was doing in the fall -- base building.  Just get back up to speed and maybe run some smaller races and even a half marathon or two.  And just have fun through July, ending my fun streak with running the first half of the SF Marathon.  It's the hillier half but you get to run over the Golden Gate Bridge and that alone makes me happy to think about.  

Then I start marathon training again.  Starting in early August means that CIM will be my first!!  I'm totally excited about that -- after reading all the wonderful recaps from the CIM runners last year, I think it will be a perfect first marathon.   Plan C seems fun, reasonable, and doable.


I'm energized again.  I know early on when I hurt my foot I said I'd try to focus on core and other ways of staying in shape.  That really didn't happen.  I managed to join a gym, go to a spin class (which was huge -- I was so scared that first day!), take several spin classes but until last week, not go consistently and that's about it.  I spent a lot of time sleeping -- which sounds like it should be lovely coming form the insomniac but it wasn't.  It was the sleep of someone who had maxed out her coping skills.  It was all I could do to get through my days so I could sleep again.

But we're done.  5 slightly more difficult days -- but I want to use this week to start getting back into some consistent exercise routine so when my foot decides to feel better, I'm ready.  And the good news is, it isn't hurting as much as it was. Progress my friends.  And that's the best thing ever.

Monday, March 05, 2012

I Hate My Right Foot

So, guess what?  It's a stress fracture after all.

Who knew?

I've still not seen the doctor which was fine but of course I missed his call so all I have is that it is on a metatarsal (but he didn't say which one -- but from the pain it is middle to right of right foot), just continue to do NO high impact anything (easy enough since it hurts) and come back in 4 weeks or sooner if it gets worse.


I think it is getting worse.  My ankle hurts -- so I'm not sure why that is if the stress fracture is in the foot.  The only thing I can think of is that I'm walking weird to favor my foot.

Sob again.

Anyway, Plan B is looking trickier and trickier -- so I've come up with a loosely thought through Plan C.  Will share later.

I'll keep with spinning - because it does burn off steam -- but I'm also not entirely sure I should.  Sometimes when I stand it hurts.  Duh, I know.  I shouldn't stand.  That's probably best.  And I'm such a dork, in every spin class (I'm still such a dork because I have trouble adjusting the bike so people actually help me which is very nice) I feel the need to tell someone I'm a runner.  Like anyone cares but me.

I'm just so mad at myself.  I was so darned careful for two years of running.  So careful.  One week I blow it and poof -- there goes my foot.

And now almost 4 weeks into this I'm very fussy.