Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Foot Update

Foot?  Ankle?  It is really  hard to know at any given time what is actually hurting.  :)

Anyway, I visited the doctor this morning and after feeling around my ankle and foot it seemed to be a foot problem, not an ankle problem.  Who knew -- clearly I'm not so good at locating the cause of pain. But heck, it all hurts when I land on it!

Anyway (again), he sent me in for an xray and no stress fracture shows up -- which is good news.  However, I apparently fit the foot stress fracture profile (again -- who knew there was a foot stress fracture profile?) so he is sending me in for a bone scan to make sure there isn't an teeny tiny stress fracture starting to form.  And if not, then I've just sprained some muscles and will be able to carry on my merry way once they heal.

Today my foot feels much better actually so it is probably just a sprain.  I can walk without limping (such progress) so that is exciting.   I probably should have just waited it out a bit -- because now I've got to do the bone scan and let me tell you, that is no small process (inject something in my foot, 30 min scan, leave for three hours and then come back for hour scan!).  Silly me -- but I was worried about making it worse so I went in.

Verdict is still out on Eugene -- we'll see what happens and what I think I can pull off.  It will all work out somehow.  Plan B and Plan C are worked out in my head in case I need them.

Bone scan Friday.


Terzah said...

OK, now I'm crossing my toes for you. I'm hoping some rest will be all that the doctor need to order after your scan.

Raina said...

Oh boy! I hope the scan shows up negative. I am sorry about the stress you might be feeling for it. Get better!!

Paul said...

Good to be sure..but thought it was probably just some little sprain/strain.

The thing now is to figure out *why* you got the little sucker in the first place.

Perhaps some strengthening of foot muscles is in order (once you are healed up)?

Does the doc have anything useful to say about that? (I'll guess NOT 8/)

Katie @ Will Race for Carbs said...

Oh man I hope it isn't a stress fracture. And I gotta say, that is a huge process you have to go through!

XLMIC said...

If it isn't a stress fracture, you will most likely still be good to go...and if not, there's always the half option and then CIM :)

But you had better NOT be stress fractured, woman.