Friday, May 23, 2008

Conversation I'm amazed I'm apart of ......

Background. The boy is on a school choir trip this weekend. At the mandatory parent meeting last week, the principal spoke to all of us and told us the three things our children couldn't do while on this trip were to use drugs, drink alcohol and to have sex. She also told us that no matter if we thought out child would not do any of those things, we still needed to talk to them. Being the rule follower I am, I made sure to discuss all those things with him (because, you know, I never had before -- heh). So on the way to drop him off on Thursday morning, I found myself having this conversation:

Me: Bud, remember not to drink, do drugs, smoke or have sex. Please just don't do any of those things while on this trip because I don't want to get a phone call.

Boy: They didn't say don't smoke.

Me: They didn't?

Boy: No, but maybe that was covered by don't do drugs.

Me: Yeah, you are probably right. But don't smoke anyway. It'll ruin your voice.


Boy: Are you sure I can't do the last thing?

pause again while I think back to what the last thing on the list was

Me: God no. Don't do the last thing.

Boy: Okay ma. Are you sure?

Me: I'm sure.

Boy: Okay, I won't.

Me: Thanks. it really that easy???? (wink)