Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last weeks recap

Okee dokee -- I really want to do this but not sure why I have so much trouble updating.  But I want record of the training down so I'll just do what I can.

Tuesday Tempo - (tuesday the 24th)
Planned -- 5 miles at mid-tempo pace which according to my book for me is 8.44  This is what I did:

Avg Pace

Seriously cool.  I think I did fantastic -- and was able to hold a fairly consistent pace which is hard for me.  Maybe there's something to this training thing.  

Track Interval Thursday - (the 26th)
Planned:  1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400, 200 with 200 rest intervals
Executed -- that was a hard run -- the 2.5 laps and the 2 laps just about did me in.  

Saturday Long Run:
Well, my book said 9 miles at HMP plus 20 secs -- that gets me in the low 9.30's.  However, running group was doing hill tempos so I wanted to go along with them just because it is more fun in a group.  So we went to Rancho -- ran 1 mile warm up -- did 4 miles of hill tempos back and forth up this 130ft incline.  Then did some small hill repeats.  Then one friend and I went and finished off with a 3 mile run -- of course mile one of that last three miler was roughly a 500ft climb which I had to walk about the last half.  But then we got a nice 2 miles back down.  

While I didn't get in 9 miles -- I got in lots of work out.  

Cross Training:

Life sucks -- whatcha gonna do.  

The funniest thing is that the Run Less/Run Faster program still has me running more miles than I was last year during most of the training.  And then certainly more than I've been running this past rainy winter.  So just shaping myself up and running with plan and a purpose is a good thing I believe.  That said, I had ....

Holiday Monday Run
Of course it wasn't cross training but it was more miles -- and we'll see how well that bodes for me with tonight's tempo.  But we had a fantastic run out at Sawyer Camp.  It is an out and back so we did 5 miles out to the top of the dam and then back in.  Was just going for an easy run and the times say easy but my body said hard.  

I'm fairly certain my body said hard because I'd spent Sunday afternoon from about 2pm until after 9pm sitting by my friends pool drinking wine.  Thus friend had fantastic run and I felt like I should have died.  But honestly, I don't feel bad today and that is improvement because until recently 10 mile runs were still knocking me out for a couple of days.  

Oh oh oh -- breakfast was at Bucks which is always good.  

Anyway, as I'm looking at this whole training season to build a nice base for next year's marathon training, I'll cut myself a little slack on the cross training.  But but but...I will get better.  Just need to sleep more so I'm not so exhausted.

Another problem for another time.  

So today is Tempo Tuesday -- we'll see how I do on tired legs.  The plan is one mile slow/easy, three at short temp which, if I remember correctly is 8.30ish for me, and then one easy mile.  As long as the stupid weather holds out (Rain and thunderstorms?  Really?)

That's it for last week.  

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