Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekly update

It is 8pm and I'm all ready for bed.  What a weekend!  I'm exhausted but I guess that is what happens when one rolls in around 2.30 am.  Geeze.  But it was all fun and that is what counts.

Doing the happy dance for a 3 day weekend next weekend.

So I did all right this week with running:

Tempo -- called for 2 miles easy, 3 miles short tempo pace, 1 mile easy
  Check -- great run.  Was able to do a bit better than suggested times - not that I intended to but that is what happened

Intervals -- called for 6 x 800
  Check (mostly) -- group was doing 4 x 800 so I just did that.  One lap into my 5th repeat is when I almost took down that little one and it shook me up so I bagged it.  We were doing conditioning anyway so was just going to join the group.

Long -- 10 miles
  Check (mostly) -- modified.  Was trail running so targeted 8 and we did 7.5.  Was totally happy with that -- figure a 1000 ft elevation gain overall compensated for lack of miles.

I wish I could show the elevation changes from my garmin -- haven't quite figured out how to just that but it shows the ups and downs.

Also did one day of conditioning and one of XT -- not in a groove with the XT yet.  Usually like to do that early in the am but that is difficult to do after an evening run...still trying to work that one out.

Pretty good week running wise --  

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