Sunday, May 15, 2011

The real Kentucky Derby post (well sort of...)

Silly letter to the boy about my trip -- thought I'd just put it out here for a keepsake.  

Thursday, May 12, 2011


I know you’ve been waiting for it – probably desperately.  You want it and now I’m about to give it to you.  A detailed account of my trip to KY and the Derby.
Happy Dance.

The week started out crazy – I had to work until 9pm on Monday.  9!!!  That NEVER happens to me and it was for incredibly silly reasons but there you go.  I got your phone call on my way home which greatly amused me and I was happy to hear you made it.  Tuesday was a much better work day but I had tons to get done Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.  It all got done and the cab picked me up at 10.30 for my 11.55 flight.  I was carrying my hat box so felt I might need more time.  I think really I’m just a bit more neurotic the older I get.  That happens you know. 

So my flights out were from SJC to LAX where we just let some folks off and picked up some others.  Then we went on to Chicago crossing over the Rockies were I took this picture:

This is a slightly different picture than I already sent you.  Just saying.

I got to get out of the plane in Chicago and walk across the entire airport.  I managed to grab dinner along the way which was was good because I was starving.  This time getting on the plane there were tons of us women folk with hat boxes or hats in bags.  I felt so happy to be in on the secret.

The flight into Louisville was uneventful and Uncle C picked me up at the airport and we go home and I get to show Aunt C my hats and then we all go to bed.
Thursday was mellow – the kids woke up and I tried to sleep.  They are some crazy kids(crazy in a good way) and totally reminded me of you and Alana. 

Here’s Missy C on her new bike rocking her kitty helmet.  I think Alana might ride her bike more if she had a kitty helmet.

And here’s a retro pic of Boy C with his sweet little boy look. 

We had to do some shopping as I needed a sweater for Saturday (expected rain) and I needed some flat shoes (to use for actual walking – I still wore my high shoes to look cute).  And then Uncle C reminded us it was Cinco de Mayo so we went to eat mexican and have margaritas for lunch.  Then we came home and had more.  And more.  And dinner and more.  Then we went on a walk with the kids and again with the déjà vu from when you and Alana were little.  They really are very sweet kids and apparently Missy C took to me quicker than she ever takes to anyone.  So I got to be the handholder on the walk.  Nice.
Friday dawns to Boy C running across their house.  Their spare room is downstairs and their little guy likes to run from their kitchen, through the dining room into the living room.  Nice straight shot.  Right above their spare downstairs room.  Then he goes back and forth and back and forth.  Amazing how much noice one little boy can make.  Like a little elephant.

Friday is Oaks Day  -- which I’m sure has a meaning but I just think of it as day before Derby day.  Aunt C went with me that day.  This is how cute we looked before we left:

I look a bit haggard here. Not entirely sure why since the day hadn’t even started.    

And this is just me looking a bit better than above:

And this is me and the cute little guy who happens to be freaking adorable:

Oaks Day was breast cancer awareness day so everyone was supposed to wear pink.  I didn’t know that in time hence I’m in purple but oh well.  Plenty of people did get the memo:

The tractors got the memo:

 Even the jockeys (or trainers perhaps) got the memo:

This man apparently got the memo:

But no memo for us. 

We, however, survived.  Mint Juleps will make you survive anything.  (Mint Julep: An alcoholic drink made of bourbon whiskey, sugar, crushed mint leaves, and shaved ice.)

After betting on the main race of the day (and loosing) we were done (we were there all day, the main race wasn’t until late in the day).  Unfortunately we never hooked up with my friends that night.  After waiting in the taxi line from hell (no pictures unfortunately) Aunt C and I ended up downtown eating dinner and then we hooked up with her tattoo artist.  He wanted nothing to do with the craziness of where we are so he directed us to a bar out of the way of the fray where we danced and had entirely too much fun and didn’t make it home until 2 am.  We might have been a little loud when we came in but that’s what having fun will do for you.

The little elephant woke up crying too early but luckily for me, I was exhausted so I managed to grab a bit more sleep.  But I wasn’t feeling so well and I had to do it all over again with Uncle C and I knew he’d not be happy if I wasn’t my happy party girl self.  HA.  So I bucked up and just took it slow with the food and coffee and turned from toad into this:

I put the above picture as my profile picture on FB but Alana doesn’t like it.  I think because the hat is so big.  Sort of makes me look all weird I think.  She wants me to change to the one of me and Boy C. 

And this is me and my date for the day:

Basically Derby Day is the big event but the crowd looked pretty much the same, minus pink.

And this is Chris and me – I took it on my phone and look like I’ve got three chins.  I’m still not skilled at taking a self portrait on an iphone:

I think Chris calls this his presidential look.  I just look scary.  No mint juleps for us that day.  My stomach just couldn’t handle it.  But we were having fun, watching the crowd and deciding which horse to place our bets on.  Or rather bet. 

And before we knew it, it was time for the actual Derby race.  Here I am with the starting gate in the background.  Where we sat wasn’t too fancy but it was right where the race started so that is sort of cool.  Don’t mind the granny look with the sweater closed like that.  And this pic seems to me more me and less starting gate but you get the general idea.

Here’s the gate keepers guarding the gates. 

Apparently I don’t have a picture of the horses leaving the gate.  I could have sworn I did.  I probably have it in video which unfortunately I can’t attach here. 

That’s close to it.  We did hook up with my friends this day and as soon as the race ended (we didn’t win) we were off and they had a really cool parking spot so we went downtown to wait for our friends and have dinner.

Later in the night this area was crowded but there was a DJ so we danced and danced and danced and had a fun time.  I rallied well.  Chris was even pleased. 

Then Sunday I had to head back home on an 8am flight which caused me to be up at 5am which was 2am CA time.  That sucked.  My flight back was from Louisville to Phoenix where we let off some people, picked up some other.  Then on to San Diego where you were so close but I couldn’t hug you.  I had a silly plane change that required a gate change that had me go back through security before I was off to SJC and home.  Dad and Alana picked me up and I went home to nap.
And that, my dearest is my Kentucky Derby weekend. 

I hope you enjoyed the play by play.  This is now a 15 page letter and will require special postage.  But you know what, I’m gonna send it – hopefully it will distract you enough from you fun.  And pictures can’t be all that bad. Plus it was a good way for me to write up the trip even if I went into way too much silliness only for your benefit. (you know, so you could roll your eyes and all that).

Love you bunches – hang in there.  Stay positive. You are a rock star and doing well.  You can do this thing called boot camp and you can do it well.  Don’t let the crazies get you down. 

I LOVE YOU!!!! Mom.  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Nelly said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! That is great that you are familiar with that hill I talked about at Rancho, that hill is a killer! That is probably the hardest hill that I do out of any run. That is very impressive that you can run it without stopping, the elevation incline just keeps coming, haha At Rancho I also like Wildcat loop and Upper Meadow loop. Rancho is probably my favorite place to run overall.

Awesome Kentucky Derby pics, it would be a great experience to go to it someday! I love all the pageantry and hats - it was exciting to watch on TV. I love the singing of Old Kentucky Home too, haha

Good luck with running, and maybe I'll see you at a local bay area race sometime!