Friday, May 20, 2011


I almost took down a 5 year old last night -- it would have been dramatic and neither one of us would have made it out unbruised but luckily I was able to avoid the crash and we both survived.

But..... why oh why oh why wasn't she being watched by her parents.  There were a bunch of kids last night at the track who were all over the place, even the two left lanes that are marked 'running'.  This is a very populated track but it all seems to work most of the time but one thing it is not is a play ground. I've never seen this many kids there before (and they were little ones) and honestly it is difficult enough to dodge the adults but the kids?  Impossible.  The are incredibly unpredictable.  

So as I was doing one of my fast laps and I was on one of the straights, this little one decides to race me...which was fine.  She kept up with me for half the straight pulling ahead of me and then runs right immediately in front of me and comes to a complete stop.  I actually scream (and I'm not a screamer) as I put my hand on her head to help me make the change to try to go around her while telling her never to stop in front of someone ...but I'm not sure she understood how close we were to a complete wipeout.  Duh, of course she didn't -- she was 5 (or thereabouts).  But it sure unnerved me.  It really isn't my goal to take down 5 year olds -- no matter how annoyed I am by them at the time.

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