Monday, May 16, 2011

What's up with the weather

Dear Weather Gods,

58* and rainy?  In May?  Really?  The high for the week maybe mid 60's?  I'm confused.  This is California remember?  Yeah yeah, NoCal, which I totally get isn't as warm as SoCal,.  But 58*?  In May?  As the high?  Eh, NO.

I put up with the crappy cold and wet winter.  I did training runs in the evenings at the track when it was freezing and dark.  I did long Saturday runs in the rain.  It is MAY.  This is CALIFORNIA.  I don't pay higher for everything to live here for rain and cold temps.

It is all your fault weather gods that I totally sucked with my running last weekend.  I did a 5k timed trial with my running girls and that was fine.  I was going to go run longer (training plan said 9 miles) but it was so cold and when they tempted me with breakfast in stead, how was I able to refuse because I was cold and miserable.  But if it had been nice out?  Who knows, I probably would have gone running instead.  And then yesterday -- yeesh.  Hail? Really?  I mean, what was the point of that?  I dressed in my running clothes but it was so windy and chilly and haily that I couldn't go.

I know you've got a lot of things on your plate right now....tornados....floods and the like.  So just put CA back on automatic and give me my perfect springtime weather.

Thanks bunches.


Training report for last week:

1 Tempo -- Five Mile Mid tempo pace (which I am thinking was 10k pace plus 15/20 secs) --
Check -- well mostly check.  I completely hit the wall at mile 4. Who hits the wall at four miles?  Someone who doesn't hydrate very well all the time, that's who.  I stopped with a killer headache and so thirsty I thought I was running for three days in the desert with no water.  Sigh.

1 Speed -- 400, 600, 800, 1200, 800, 600, 400 (400RI) --
Check -- boy was that exhausting.  But kept very good times on each of the laps so I was pleased.  Not sure what time I was supposed to attempt so I just attempted as fast as I could.

1 long run -- 9miles
Failure.  :(  See above letter to weather gods.

XT --
check -- pulled out the ole turbo jam kickboxing DVDs.  Those are fun and really help with the abs and arms.  Also did 30 mins yoga.

Not a terribly exciting or terrific week but there you go.  Week two down.      

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