Monday, June 06, 2011

Humidity 1, Tricia 0

It poured Saturday.  Poured like we were in January.  Though not at hot.  But for some reason I neglected to translate that into higher humidity.  Duh.

I had to run Sunday because of the rain on Saturday and Sunday was one of those days where I was reminded why we train.  We, not the fitness reason, but the everything else reason.  Here's the stuff I know better but insisted on relearning on Sunday's 9 miler.

1.  When you are not cold at the beginning, do NOT wear long sleeved shirt.  I don't care if it is cloudy and you think it might rain, you won't want more clothes in the event of warm(ish) rain.
2.  When you've realized that long sleeved shirt is a mistake, take it off immediately.  Don't keep it on until you think you might die.  That's just plain silly.
3.  Get road i.d. or something.  You hate hate hate carrying your phone on runs.  It is heavy in the spibelt which then drives you crazy the entire run.  You'll never use it to take pics no matter how much you say you will. But you will feel like you need it when you are alone so if something happens, you can be helped.  Get road i.d. or even just write you phone number on your foot.  I don't know -- just don't take phone.

Well, that's not too bad really.  I felt more uncomfortable for just only having three things that I did wrong.  I did a few more things right, without really even thinking.

1.  Pick to run on a park trail (vs. trail trail) so there are water fountains.  I carried water which was smart but I went through it fairly quickly so it was good to be able to fill it back up.
2. Take a break at the half way point.
3.  Figure a way to wear spibelt so it doesn't make skirt ride up.  (I'm sure the people behind me appreciated that one!)
4.  Find boys (men!) to chase from miles 5 to7.  Keeps mind off misery.
5. Remind self that it will be worse when you are in texas in a week so just appreciate that it wasn't 90 with the humidity.

All in all, not a great run.  Did okay time wise but the first half I thought I might die -- legs felt so heavy.  The Gu and men chasing helped for miles 5 to 7.  But all in all, the humidity just kicked my behind.  The one I finally figured out how to cover up.

I was soaked when done -- the bill on my visor was wet.  I'm glad to say that mostly we get such nice weather here that I don't have to deal with the elements often.  Probably makes me extra wimpy when I do.

Last week:

Last Tuesday Temp (the 31st)
Did pretty well -- was worried because I had run 10 miles on Monday but I was able to mostly hold the paces I needed.  Fell off towards the end because of the wind. (Despite my address being California, our weather is from somewhere else).  But felt pretty good.

Thursday Interval (the 2nd)
Felt sluggish took the first two sets to warm up (this after a warm up).  The more I'm doing this running, the more it takes me 2 plus miles to even think about increasing pace.  Weird.  But overall good run once my legs decided to move.

Other Stuff -- did okay.  Finally have a strategy -- so that is good.  We'll see how I do.  I've already sort of blown it but I can recover tonight.    

The geese were everywhere on Saturday:

This isn't that great of a shot but they really were everywhere.  This shows that the sun pretended to come out a bit.

I must stop complaining about the weather.  I must.

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RoseRunner said...

hehe, did you have a bad experience with wearing a long sleeved shirt for a little too long?

I think that is great advice -- I've gone out enough times overdressed, that now I pretty much never wear a long sleeved shirt unless it is SUPER lightweight, or it is under 45 degrees.

And I don't have a road ID. I know I'm bad :(