Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Overall running goals

Alrighty then, so much for 'tomorrow'.  That was Sunday and this is Wednesday and I got completely slammed at work. I still will put together a Kentucky Derby post -- but first need to collect all the pictures from various people.  Also, I need to get daughter to turn movie into a picture.  Silly iPhone camera -- takes movies when I think it should be taking pictures.  But daughter is mistress of fixing that.  Thank god.

Anyway, thus begins the first week of 1/2 marathon training.  Well, actually, last week began the first week of 1/2 marathon training but I blew it off in favor of gambling and alcohol.

I do have my priorities.

So, I'm putting into place a modified version of the Run Less/Run Faster 1/2 marathon training plan.  I say modified, because I'm also matching it up against a training plan a friend has put together and since we run together, a lot, it makes sense to modify mine.  Simple enough as her's is a 3/4 day a week running plan with cross training in it along with speed training, tempo runs and all that. Very similar to the run less/run faster approach.  We might differ on the long runs but we'll just work all that out as we get to it.

Races are the  Disneyland Half Marathon on Sept 4th and then the  California Wine Country Marathon and Half on Oct 16th.  Then I think the Las Vegas Rock n Roll Half would be seriously fun too  -- that whole running at night on the strip thing.  But that one is open as of yet.

I've run two half marathons in my one year running career.  The first one was 1.59.02 and the second was 2.02.58.  So I believe it is fairly safe to say I'm a two hour half marathoner.  I'm pretty pleased with that considering I've not been the most fit person over my life and I didn't start running until I was less young.  However, being that I AM competitive, I've decided not to stick with what I can do but try to bring my time down to 1.45 (1.50 would make me happy as well).  Then I would feel like a rock star.  Or at least a fairly good runner.

Also, the first marathon will be in fall of 2012 -- and damn, the thought of running for much more than 4 hours makes me want to cry so I figure I've got to work on bringing my half time down so I'll be ready for the full training next summer and a goal to finish in as close to the 4 hour mark as reasonably possible.

That's my logic anyway.

So in order to keep myself honest, I'll probably do the weekly goal update thing.  I'm sure I'll get lazy and miss but maybe not.

And then, because apparently I'm getting all my thoughts down at once to make this a killer long post, I've got a sub goal to learn to swim.  I mean, sure, I can tread water and won't sink, but I've never learned to do the correct strokes.  And suddenly with the run less/run faster stuff I need some cross training and he recommends swimming and biking. Also, I've got a friend with a desire to do a triathlon, somehow learning to swim and doing a triathlon became something I will accomplish as well.  I'm not entirely sure how that happened but I'm mostly positive there was wine involved.

Then to top it all off, my boy was doing a bunch of swimming right before he went off to boot camp -- and he kept trying to get me to go with him (knowing I had a triathlon in my future -- but let me be clear, this will be a baby triathlon ).  I never managed it but it a fit of sentimental maternal feelings on the eve of his departure, I promised I'd swim with him when he got back.  Goddamn kids.

I have until August before that will be cashed in on.

I think that's all for now.

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