Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A List

1. I've done NOTHING towards Christmas.

2. I look at the calendar and feel like crying.

3. My son is so excited about Christmas because my brother and his family are here and my mother and her husband are coming up so it will be a big deal! He loves big deals. I don't.

4. I agreed to a flocked tree. I remember wanting one as a kid and not getting -- so he wants one and he'll get it.

5. He thinks the flocked tree will make all of Christmas that much more special.

6. I do wish I could capture the magic of knowing a flocked tree will make Christmas more special.

7. I'm in desperate need of magic.

8. I had my 35 item to do list down to 20 items and now it is back up to 33 items. None of these items relate in any way to getting ready for Christmas.

9. WAH!

1 comment:

Bev Sykes said...

Christmas? Christmas is coming? That's in like 3 months, right?