Sunday, November 27, 2005

Big To Do's and No Motivation

Back to the land of obligations.

Our drive home yesterday was uneventful. We made awesome time and got from El Segundo to San Jose in 5.5 hours including a 30 minuted lunch break. I was flying. I did notice a bunch of southbound traffic leaving SJ when we were coming in which confirmed my decision to leave early and leave on Saturday. It will be a parking lot out there today.

I managed laundry and grocery shopping yesterday so I've got that done. I should have worked last night but spent it IM chatting with a friend and looking at vintage cocktail dresses in eBay. Of course that was more fun but here I sit, still procrastinating on the work thing. I was going to get up early and that didn't happen and now I'm stalling in any way I can. Not good for someone with a 35 item to do list and a busy week.

If I'd just start -- I'd actually get things done. Okay, I'm going.

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