Saturday, November 26, 2005

Post Thanksgiving

November 25, 2005

Well, thanksgiving is over and I’m already antsy to get back to work as crazy as that sounds. I’ve got so much to do and next week is very crazy because of this volunteer thing I do so I’ve actually got to do a bunch of work this weekend. Today we will do somehting around here and then tomorrow I’ve got to drive back up the state and then on Sunday there is a bunch of errands and stuff to do and then Monday ….. ack. I need to go home today but I think my kids would kill me.

Fingers crossed that the drive back up the state goes well. I’m leaving Saturday to (hopefully) miss the traffic on I5 going back home. The drive down here was fine until we got within 20 miles of my sister in law’s house – that last 20 miles took one hour and 45 minutes (hate hate hate LA traffic). But I’ve sat on I5 on thanksgiving weekend and that isn’t any fun either so I’m hopeful that leaving Saturday willl be better than leaving Sunday.

Being in Thanksgiving and all, I need to remind myself what I am thankful for:

1. Being within driving distance of family so we actually do get to see them on holidays
2. My kids – as much as I complain, they are wonderful kids. And self sufficient – my son did his entire packing for this trip without any help/review from me. For my daughter, after she had everything out she wanted to take, I reviewed it, put back a random pair of shorts, added a pair of jeans and two t-shirts and that was it. She had everything else perfect. And when I was gone last week, my son found his (fairly) hidden tux pants all by himeself (even though I paniced mid afternoon when I realized he might not know where they were). And when I finally called, he said “mom, I’m wearing them right now and I’ve got it taken care of.”
3. My work – interesting and fun(at times) and it has expanded from part time to full time right when I needed it to but because I’m at home, I still have a bunch of flexibility to run the kids to their activities and just be present in the afternoons. I’m so very lucky in that regard.
4. My health – kinda cliché but there you go
5. Choices – and being adult enough enough to recognize this (I’m a slow learner).

And with that, I’ll go get some breakfast. I hope it was a nice Thanksgiving for everyone.

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