Friday, December 02, 2005

Party Tonight

I was awakened at 2:30 this morning by heavy footsteps in the house. Scared me to death, it did. Seems my husband came back a day earlier than normal but neglected to inform me of his plans so there I was, in bed, mostly asleep and wondering if the kids and I were going to die. Then it became clear it was husband because he went into the bathroom! Of course he says he told me he was coming when I asked what in the heck he was doing scaring me like that but really, I do pay attention and earlier in the week when I reminded him of the thing we have to go to tonight all he said was that he'd be there. For the past two years he just drove up on Friday afternoon but this year he acted like I should have known he'd come the night before.

And we wonder why I'm loosing my mind.

And I'm loosing my sleep because is it even possible to go back to sleep after you've been scared to death in the middle of the night? No way.

So, we go to this fancy dancy ball tonight. I'm going to be a bit casual in just a cocktail dress but I didn't have really fancy dress in me this year. Well, actually I did. I found a bunch of amazingly wonderful vintage dresses on eB&y but I wasn't sure I could get one in time to get it cleaned and altered if necessary so I decided to just use what I have. The party will be fun any which way -- there will be dancing and I need dancing right now.

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