Thursday, November 10, 2005

A Mindless List

1. I survived election day.

2. My kids are in a particularly bad run of 'lets drive mom extra crazy'. Or a particularly good run, depending on your view point.

3. In my next life, I'm not having kids. Of course, in my next life I'll be very suited to having kids but unable and then miserable. There's no making me happy, I'm sure.

4. I'm making a master to do list in hopes that I will be able to stay focused and accomplish something.

5. I'm still sleeping way too much and still feeling way too tired all the time.

6. I'm going to LA on business for Monday and Tuesday next week.

7. This fall, I've been gone an amazing amount (for me). And yet, the restlessness continues.

8. A few times over the past few weeks, I've seriously thought of running away.

9. If I wasn't so darned attached to those bratty kids, I'd be out of here in a second.

10. I thought I lost a library book but it turned back up. Finally. Now I have to take a second mortgage to pay off the late fees.

11. My son is going to see a friend of his in a play tonight. My daughter and I are going to Target. Wow!

12. I wish my keyboard had the british pound and the euro symbols on it.


Belle said...

Yep, it was Dogen who was in the book and not the movie.

nycme said...

Hey there! The Kids on Camera workshops look like good ones. It's probably a good idea to do something like that to see if it ends up even being of interest to your daughter. You know, it might not seem like so much fun once she sees what goes into it. Too bad its such a long drive away, but thinking about it, sometimes it takes me an hour to get crosstown or downtown by public transportation, so maybe an hour travel isn't so bad after all!! And don't forget, commercials pay good money - right into that college fund! :)