Sunday, August 28, 2011

T minus one week to half #3

Alrighty then... one week from Half Marathon #3.  And this one matters.  (#1 did and #2 not so much).  So we'll see how it goes.

My goals for the week.

1.  Do the two scheduled RLRF runs (intervals -- 6x400, tempo -- 3 easy miles) and then one more cross training (monday) and then yoga on Wed and Friday (because I've got to do something or I might loose my mind).

2.  Get sleep.  I had a bad sleep week last week.  Seems everyother week is not good these days.  The upside to that is the upcoming week is scheduled for good.  But even if not, I've not made any evening plans this week so I can be in bed reading by 8pm and lights out by 9.  So even if I only get 6 or 7 hours of sleep, I can be in bed for 8 or 9.  That has to help, right.

3.  Eat well.  I'm usually pretty good that that.  Two years ago I completely revamped my eating and it hasn't been a huge deal for me to eat well (I don't do perfect, I do pretty good).  But I don't think overall I actually get enough carbs -- so this week I'll make sure to add a bit in.

I think that's about it really.  I head down to LA on Friday afternoon (yeah, sounds crazy, but if I leave my house when the girl gets out of school at 3pm, we tend to hit the worst part of LA after the worst part of traffic hours.  My usual 5 hour drive into El Segundo takes 6 hours but I've got it down).  I'm staying at my sis in laws (technically ex but there needs to be a word that doesn't have negative connotations as ex does) on Friday night.  I'll go down to Disneyland on Saturday sometime to hit up the expo.  There's another woman I know a little bit from up here running it so I assume we'll manage dinner together.  Then I plan on being all tucked in my hotel room very early.

Then race time...  based on my 10k time of a few weeks back, I'm predicted to run somewhere between a 1:54:20 to 1:55:06.  I'll take any of those times and be a happy girl.  A PR means I have to beat 1:59:02.  As always, the most important thing is to have fun, finish and with a smile on my face.

And then the real fun begins.  A woman I've been friends with since high school is going to come watch me run and then we'll go have breakfast.  I've not seen her in a couple of years so really looking forward to that.  Then I'm off to see my aunt whose non profit has a booth at Orange Street Fair before heading back to the in laws where my daughter will have been completely spoiled by her grandma and two aunts (they convinced her to come down with me by promising her a shopping trip!!).  And if I'm lucky, my boy will have figured a way to get up to the LA area from Camp Pendleton so I'll get to see him too!  My sis in law will have lots of yummy wine for me to drink and someone will have provided dinner -- I'm blessed to be so taken care of when I'm there.

Home Monday bright and early.  A fun weekend all around.   

I'll try to check in before (and I really want to get a what I learned with round one of RLRF down so I can refer to it later) I do know my track record so this may be it.


Caroline said...

Good luck to you! For the's been really hot out will be in the 80s. Cooler than where I live but still quite hot for a race. I am hoping for at least some clouds for the start!!!
Last year I ran the 5k and it was pretty hot. Have a good taper week!

Nelly said...

Assuming the weather doesn't get too hot for race day, I could see you getting somewhere around that predicted time above of 1:55. I at least see you beating your old PR. Good luck!

Terzah said...

You will definitely beat that PR! I wish we lived near each other--we're about the same level and could run together.

Best of luck!!