Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Recaps and misc

Saturday was a lovely run out at Rancho San Antonio park.  I'd not been out there in awhile and it felt wonderful to be back on trails and hills.  Though I hadn't been running hills much lately, I was still very much improved over last time out there and that was fun.  My one friend is a hill fiend -- she's just plain awesome at running hills.  I usually fall off way behind her but last week I was able to only fall off a bit behind her.  After the Disneyland half it is back full time at Rancho to prepare for Wine Country Marathon and Half in Healdsburg and that one probably will have rolling hills.  The half course map doesn't have elevations but I just can't imagine it is flat given where it is.

Tuesday tempo was actually Monday tempo this week  -- and it was just okay.  I just seem to suck at tempo runs and rarely hit the suggested paces. I'm kind of resigned to it all and like a normal run, felt great when I was done.

And Thursday track was completed today and I was quite pleased with the results.  The schedule called for 2 x 3200 and I was dreading that.  I mean really, how on earth am I supposed to count 8 trips around the track (I start loosing it at about 3 or 4)?  And keep a pace? And make it fast?  And the RLRF book didn't even give me a suggested pace to work with.  

It is funny how often when I dread something so much, the reality is just not nearly bad at all.  In this case, I actually liked the 3200's -- could get into a groove though when I got into too much of a groove, I lost track of the lap.  But I managed to stay focused by repeating the number of the lap I'd just finished half way through the next lap so I didn't blow it there.  I was going to try for a pace in the low 8's but saw I could manage an upper 7's just fine enough (with somework towards the end).  So the first set was at an average pace of 7.52 and the second set was at an average of 7.56. I was pleased.

Saturday is planned 12 miles and then I start the wind down for the half on Labor Day Sunday.  It will be fun to see how this one plays out -- as this is the first half that I will have followed (or tried to follow) an actual training plan.  Halfs 1 and 2 were just preceded by me just running a few times a week with longer runs on Saturday and some speed training toward the end.  (And to be fair to my running buddy, she did a plan for the 2nd half, we just didn't follow it very well).  But nothing as organized as I'm doing now (and I still have lots of room for improvement in my plan following).

On Monday's tempo run I strapped on the heart rate monitor that came with my Garmin (and that I'd never used) and now I'm all excited!  More data!!  More data to understand, organize, classify and just deal with -- love it.  I don't, however, love wearing that thing.  It is clunky across the front and is just a smidgen too big and messes with the bra and then slides down a bit.  So have not worked out how much I'll actually wear it.  But for now -- new toy.  More on that later because I've started learning more things (probably things the world already knows) and want to get it down.


Paul said...

Oh yes, Ranch S.A....a very nice place. Need to get back there when I get the miles back up.

I tend to go to the Pearson-Arastradero Preserve off of Arastradero rd...since I can run there from my house. But R.S.A has bigger hills.

Have fun with the HR stuff. I didn't think about the problems with the strap that you might have 8/...need a bra with the sensor built in!

RLRF...3200 yd intervals..whoa.I'd convert to miles and then use the garmin to keep track. Yoikes!

Nelly said...

Awesome on Rancho! I love that place. I miss that place.

Sounds like the 2 mile repeats went well, that sounds like a tough workout!

I have a garmin 305, I love all the data that it provides. For the heart rate monitor strap, it will take a bit of trial and error to find the right snugness so that it doesn't feel too tight or it falls down. I'm assuming that you wet it with water before putting it on, I find this helps with the adhesiveness. The HR data will really come in handy I think over time as you learn your body.

ajh said...

New toys are fun. My computer on my bike has only been on 2 rides with me. Can't wait to use it a ton.

Kate said...

I've never run 2 mile repeats. Don't think I'd like it, but maybe I'd be surprised like you were. I dread tempo runs. They're definitely my training nemesis, but I get so happy when I hit the targets. :)