Thursday, August 11, 2011

All I want is to sleep....

In my next life I'm coming back as someone who can sleep.  Because not sleeping sucks.  And there's not much more to be said about that.

After last Saturday's little 10K, I was still going to run my 14 miles on Sunday (that silly RLRF program has you overshoot the half distance and while I love that in theory because it just proves to myself I can do it I hate it in practice when I can't say no to my friends and a race and then still feel like I should pick up the miles per the schedule.)  Anyway, I figured that since two weeks ago I ran 10 miles on a Sat and then a 10K on Sunday I'd probably be able to make the entire 14 on Sunday by just taking it easy.

Well I was wrong.

I was supposed to meet my friend at Campbell Park at 7.30 -- I was running there (about 3.75 miles from my house) but she was driving.  I got a late start so had to book it a bit -- so much for nice and easy.  She only wanted to go about 6 miles total so we were continuing on for another 3 miles (which was really 3.25 ish actually) and it was just a struggle.  I couldn't find a pace that worked -- too slow and I was achy, too fast and I was achy.  I was just achy.  And I know I'm in trouble when my posture all falls apart and my back starts to hurt.  So we manage out 3ish miles out -- stop, stretch, talk and then head back.  I found a sweet spot for about a mile and then was just done.  Like once we got back to the park I had absolutely nothing left.  So she graciously gave me a ride home and I was grateful.  It ended up being 10.5 miles total -- so over 16 for the weekend.  But.... I guess I just pushed it harder than I thought on Saturday.

The week hasn't gotten any better.  When I don't sleep, all of life falls apart.  I try to sleep, I do.  I've read everything ever written on getting a good nights sleep and I follow most of it.  But it seems that when things get a bit stressful (even just a smidgen) sleep is the first thing that leaves me.  Right when I need it most.  So. Damned. Frustrating.

Anyway, in the midst of having a sleepless week, I have managed the two weekly runs.  The tempo went well -- it was my favorite one (1 mile easy, 2 mid tempo pace, 1 easy, 2 mid tempo, 1 easy) and I did well.  Today's interval went less stellar but I finished it (it was an ugly 3 x 2000 w/400ri).  And now all day my legs are achy.  Just tired achy.  But really?  There is nothing I've done that should make them tired today.  I've done NOTHING in the way of cross training so it can't be that.  Of course I've done NOTHING in the way of staying hydrated either -- ha.  So I'm trying to fix that.

Goodness I'm fussy.  It's that lack of sleep.


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Paul said...

Not sleeping sucks for sure.

Besides a million other things it could be, of course you know that over training i.e. too much fast running (i..e too much endocrine system stimulation) will get you wired up and give you insomnia.

3 10k races in 5 weeks might explain it.... You ran all of them pretty all-out AFAICT.

Just sayin'......HTH