Thursday, September 01, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  Funny how at the end of training three miles seems like nothing.  I suppose that when the interval training gets up to the 6 or 7 mile mark, an easy three miles is nothing.  It was funny to be done this morning after 28mins.  I wanted more more more!

2.  I've been starving this week.  Not sure what that's all about but putting it down to remember.

3.  I started to review my training earlier this week and about had a heart attack.  Decided it was best NOT to review training a few days before a race that matters to me.  All I was doing was second guessing everything.  Stopped that right away and am now in a calm and happy place because honestly, even if I totally blow it, what's it really gonna matter?  Sure I'll be upset for a bit but then I'll just figure out how to do better the next time.   I've learned a ton in the past three months of following a plan so it is all good.

Off to La La Land tomorrow -- gah I hate that drive.  I'll work my way to Disneyland on Saturday -- I've heard the expo is big and fun and I feel like buying things.  Other than that, I'm praying for cool temps and marine layers for Sunday morning.

Ta Ta.


XLMIC said...

You are gonna stomp Mickey's yard! Safe travels down…and then floor it on the course :) Hope you find some good scores at the Expo!

Heading out for a 3-miler right now…my first run since my race on Saturday :P

Paul said...

Yah, 3 miles almost seems like a waste of dressing and showering, doesn't it?

Starving..hmm..perhaps make sure you have some protein after your workout as well as carbs?

The forecast is a bit warm so that would slow me a bit vs if it was sub-60F.........

Mission #1 is have fun!