Friday, August 12, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

I so did not need this today:

Hermes (the messenger cat) was on that dresser in the background looking out the window.  Well apparently I startled him when I walked toward the dresser so in a mad effort to get away from scary me he jumped off the dresser towards that yellow wall to the left.  The mirror was leaning against the wall (yeah, yeah, I know) and apparently his fearful jump was enough movement to cause the mirror to come crashing down.  The sound - oh my.  I possibly could have caught it had I thought quicker, but then it is probably not a good idea to get in the way of a 5ft tall, fairly heavy mirror as it decides to come crashing down.

To say glass was everywhere was an understatement -- there was glass by the door to the room which is completely opposite to this (about 16ft away).  I stood there initially in my bare feet trying to figure out how to get out of the room.  I crawled across the bed and luckily slippers were on the other side.  I swept the shards all towards one pile and then closed my bedroom door and went to work.  Tonight I picked most of it up but there are still tiny pieces everywhere.  They are hard to see until the light catches them.

If this means seven more years of bad luck I'm going to be really annoyed.  The past four or five haven't been my luckiest years and I've been really working towards change.  Dang it all.

But I slept last night.  Which was lovely.


ajh said...

Oh no. I can so see our cats doing that. They startle like we beat them. Hope you got all the pieces.

Teamarcia said...

What a fiasco! And such a big mirror too. I say that breaks the cycle of bad luck for you and restores the good!

Bert said...

About the sleeping thing, clearly you've done a lot of reading etc. so I might be saying something you already know: the one major thing that changed my sleeping patterns for the better was quitting caffeine. It just made a world of a difference. Have not followed your blog so for all I know you might already be caffeine-free. Just my 2C.

Terzah said...

Why did I think I had already followed your blog??? Now I really am! Just reading over your posts a bit, I wish we were in the same place. You look just enough faster that you'd push me a bit, but I wouldn't slow you down too much.