Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Tempo Tuesday within a random list

This is going to be a very rambling post -- I've got tons on my mind to dump.  Maybe I'll even list it out since there is absolutely nothing coherent about any of it.

1. Finally a early morning tempo run where I hit the paces.  I'd been wondering if I could.  Most of the problem has been that getting out of bed 20 minutes before I start running is just not enough time to get my body moving.  Or moving fast.  Not sure what happened this morning but it all worked (and I remembered the inhaler!!).

2. It has been so humid here -- I'm not complaining because we still have fairly cool temps but I'm just drenched after even five miles.  Just soaked -- hair, clothes, shoes and even visor is completely drenched and I have a lovely layer of salt all over my skin.  So, I figured it was about time to investigate electrolyte replacement drinks.  I usually hate those drinks because everything I try is just too sweet.  But after reading enough Nuun testimonials around, I decided to give it a try and:  a. it works!!; b. I can drink it!!  It isn't too sweet so whoo hoo.  I did take it on a run and there is no way I can drink it while running.  It is still too sweet for that but it works really well right after the run and the effects are pretty immediate.

3.  I'm still searching for the perfect thing to eat pre morning run.  I wake up starved but since I'm out the door so quickly I can't eat much but I've got to eat something.  So far I'm liking the Cliff MOJO bars and the Honey Stinger Waffles (just had my first one this morn and yum).

4.  I do love the early morning run, no matter how long it takes to work the kinks out.  I feel so much better when I'm done.  But it is already starting to be dark at 5.30 am (boo) so I'm thinking it  might be time to get one of those headlamps.  Not sure if I'd like one or not but I really do need to be able to see. I live in an older neighborhood and the sidewalks are crap so I need something in order not to kill myself.  It was why I switched to the track last year but the thought of track for regular runs is so depressing.

5.  This makes me so happy I could cry:


This was from my Sunday 10 miler -- and mile 8 was my fastest mile?  In a 10 miler -- whoo hooo.  Happy dance all around.  Not sure what exactly I was doing at miles 4 and 5 (well, I do know, I kept trying to slow myself down as the schedule said HMP plus 20 secs and I was really really trying to do something in the low 9's but it was hard so eventually I just said WTH and went with what felt good and where I could keep good posture which is what I'm really working on to attempt to save my back).  I also love that I felt good when it was over -- starting to get a bit tired but if I was running longer, it would have been gu time and that always provides a noticeable increase in energy.   Still not sure I'll make 1.50 at Disneyland but I'm getting closer.

6.  I'm going to do an about me page because I love reading about me pages and realized I didn't have one based on some questions I've received.  That's not terrible exciting but nothing here really is all that so I thought I'd put it down.  Not sure when I'll get to it as I should be working now and I'm not.  Need break.

7.  I'll leave you with a stolen picture of my friend and I from Wharf to Wharf a couple weeks ago.  I'll save my rant on the costs of the pictures for another time.


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RoseRunner said...

I still don't even know what Nuun is...despite the fact that I keep seeing that word on blogs. I'm also interested in the honey stingers now. I struggle with that perfect before-running meal. Bananas are solid for me, pretzels usually work too, and licorice. Oh, and fruit leather.