Sunday, June 26, 2011

Technical Difficulties

Gah.  I love the gadgets.  But today I hate them and am being all pouty about them.

First off, my garmin.  I went to download the last two weeks of runs and poof the damned thing froze, requiring a reset which then lost all the runs I hadn't downloaded.  If this happened once, I'd be frustrated but would go on, but this happens fairly regularly.  I really wanted today's run as I hadn't even looked at the history on it yet and wanted it as a baseline to move forward from in the next two months.  It is just so so so frustrating -- I like to keep and track everything (the accountant in me) so when this happens I get all mopey and sad.  And mad.

I've got the Garmin Forerunner 110 and I like that it is simple and no bells and whistles but I'm thinking I need something more reliable.

And then the shuffle.  I spent the afternoon redoing the playlist I sync with my shuffle and then hooked up the shuffle to iTunes and apparently it is corrupted.  It did have trouble starting this morning so it didn't surprise me all that much.  iTunes asked me if I wanted to restore it to factory settings so I tried that and it still is corrupted.


They aren't expensive and I have had this since 2007 so I'm not horribly upset.  It just is one more thing I'll need to get and take care of.  What worries me a bit is did it die from sweat!  The last runs I've done I've been soaked when I finished -- and I clip the shuffle on the top of my skirt/shorts.  I'm not sure where else I'd put the darned thing but I guess if I get a new one, I'll pay close attention to see if it gets sweaty too.  You'd think it would be able to handle a bit of sweat since the darned this is designed for fitness (it is, isn't it?).

So poopy on the technical stuff today.

PS -- run went well.  I felt heavy and sluggish but finished at normal half marathon time for me and it was a 12 miler so that was good.  I still have 8 weeks to get speedier -- not sure if I'll get to where I'd hoped initially but considering how much life gets in the way sometimes, I'll take even just a smidgen of improvement at this point. July is going to take some juggling to get the long runs in as needed.  Ah I say, it is only fun when it is difficult.  

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RoseRunner said...

ick, my Garmin has been giving me major meltdowns this week. wouldn't turn on for two turns out that is common for 305's? some other runners were explaining how to get it to start.

And apple products only last 1 year for me, like clockwork. All my ipod nanos die after 1 year. bleh.