Thursday, June 16, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Since it is Thursday and I have three things, I thought I'd take advantage.

1.  Usually my Thursday intervals are done after work, at a community center track with my running girlfriends but because I'm leaving in a few hours to go out of town, I did them on the track at the high school down the street.  That place was a happening at 6am ... who knew?  I liked it though -- gave me a bit more energy.  I may have to do it more often during the summer at least.

2.  I've finally got a upbeat letter from the boy.  That was worrying me a bit -- 6 weeks of Marine Corp boot camp and nothing good to say. Which does seem understandable at some level but his letters were so negative.  But the two that arrived here yesterday were very positive and mature.  If the Marine Corps makes a man out of my boy they will have my eternal gratitude.  Maybe I'll even have to run their marathon.

3.  I'm outta here -- and lord I need the break.  Not many people go to Texas on purpose in the summer but call me crazy.  But it will be fun visit with friends and family -- so I'm good.  Girl is way excited so whoo hoo.  Go us.  Three runs.  That's my only goal.  Saturday -- I've got the 9 mile route all worked out.  I've still got to figure the Tuesday Tempo run out and then I'll just go to a track for next Thursday's intervals.  Wish me luck....

Ta ta...

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