Saturday, June 25, 2011


Well I'm back. Boy is Texas hot -- you can hear about how hot it is and you can remember you survived living there for 12 years but until you are back you just don't know what hot is.  When we got off the plane at 11pm a week ago last Thursday night the girl just looks at me.  And I just said welcome to Texas.

We had a good visit and I learned I suck at running while on vacation.  Now in my defense, I'd need to get up at 4.30 to make it slightly tolerable and if you drink wine until midnight, it is hard to get up at 4.30.

Plus, humidity!!  Gah.

So I managed two measly 4 mile runs.  That's it.

Feeling panicked about training.  12 miles (in cool mid 50 temps first thing in the AM -- I LOVE Cali!) so we'll see how I do.  Surely you don't completely fall apart after a week.  Do you?

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XLMIC said...

You absolutely do not fall apart in a week! You will do amazingly... you are well-rested ;-)