Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Week so Far

I keep telling myself I should write every day but you can see how sucessful I'm am at it. Oh well.

The kids have adjusted to school -- well my son has any way. Fourth grade is kicking my daughters butt so she's still adjusting. I don't know what it is about 4th grade, but both my kids' struggled. For my son, it didn't happen until after the Christmas break but when he got back in school after the two weeks off, the work load caused him to have meltdowns that would put any two year old to shame. And now I've been getting them with my daughter. She also makes it worse by worrying about the future -- I'll never be able to write a mission report. I can't do the science fair. I'm not ready for fourth grade. I suppose I'll find out at back to school night next week if this 'load them down with homework' is intentional or she's just slow.

The tears, though. They really need to stop. I can only seem to handle a small amount of tears then I get a little angry which really helps the situation (not). Maybe tonight I'll try just ignoring them and not reacting to the tears. Yes, that might work.

Anyhow, both kids have been awsome about getting ready in the mornings. That has been especially nice since I've been work busy and having to make quite a few phone calls in the wee early hours of the a.m. (calling London) -- it is so so so nice to have kids old enough and independent enough to fend for themselves entirely in the morning.

Time to eat a bowl of cereal and get those monsters, er darlings up.

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Bev Sykes said...

I hate to be a doom and gloomer, but Jeri cried every weekend when I took her back to her college dorm! (It only lasted a year and a half, tho)