Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Another Year Begins...

And they're off --

That ole slience is deafening thing? There's a bit of that happening here. Well, the bird is chirping but this house is very quite of kid noise.

There has been so much drama around here lately. Most of it concerning the 9 year old. She's not been sleeping very well again, worrying about everything under the sun, and crying a lot. I'm sure it was nerves but I'm not the best person to deal with her -- I just don't have the patience. And then she's been a little snit about doing things she didn't want to do so her teacher asked for a letter from her telling the teacher about her likes and such and what she hoped to get out of 4th grade. The girl wouldn't write the letter. Everytime I reminded her over the weekend she'd put up a fuss and wouldn't do it. So naturally this morning she's in tears because she doesn't have her letter done. Honestly this must be what sends mothers everywhere over the edge.

Speaking of over the edge. I did tell husband that if son gets in trouble the first day of school, I was out of here. Gone. With no forwarding address. He looked a little worried, so possibly he took me seriously.

Well, happy first day of school to me! Now off to get some work done.

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