Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Positive Entry

We are now three nights of drama free homework. Wow! She seemed pretty proud of herself tonight when I congratulated her on the accomplishment.

My blood pressure is just about normal again.

My work load is getting more in control also. I was just hit with so many things at the same time if has just taken months to work it off. But the piles are smaller and my work email in box is managable. What a relief that is. I feel like I'm in handling it mode again. Until I'm not which could be at any moment I suppose.

My office is getting picked up, I've been making lots of trips to the goodwill to drop off stuff, my dining room will be painted this weekend and my grandma's hutch and dining room table will be moved in. I'm in charge of my husband's weekend to do list and he is being agreeable to that and actually working off the items.

Best of all I get to go on a girls trip next weekend.

Life is good.

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