Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Bye Bye Stress

It was low drama Tuesday. Thank the gods. I did remember to thank the princess for keeping her reactions in check with the situation and we discussed (well, I discussed, she rolled her eyes) some more about crying wolf and such. I suppose I'll do a little preemtive work this afternoon by "predicting" no tears during homework right when I pick her up from school.

Fingers crossed for me.

Another stressor has been eliminated from my schedule, one I hadn't realized was even bothering me until the sense of relief I got when I eliminated it. I was going to be driving my son to Pasadena (6 plus hour drive) on Oct 14th so he could compete in a barbershop competition, sit through the competition all day Saturday (while managing the daughter), drive back home Sunday, work two days and then get on a plane Wed the 19th to go to Dallas for 5 days (business conference but staying the weekend to visit friends). That kind of busyness tends to frazzle me so imagine my delight once I figured out that it was actually cheaper to put the boy on a plane and have my inlaws pick him up at LAX and then let husband get son from them and get the boy to Pasadena for the competition.

On another front, I said no to a request of my time for a volunteer organization I'm a member of . NO. There I said it again. I'm finding the more I say it, the easier it becomes. I also said NO to my son when he wanted to do a play this fall. It has taken several years but I think I'm getting much better at protecting my time and being realistic about what I can do.

Oh well. Must get to work.

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