Saturday, September 10, 2005

My Aching Body

I started back into yoga yesterday. I hadn't wanted to give it up but due to the kids summer schedule it seemed I was missing more classes than I was attending so I decided to stop fretting and take two months off. Amazing how qickly the body gets out of shape -- much quicker than it takes to get in shape.

For me, the start of the school year is like the start of the new calendar year -- a time of making resolutions. They are always the same, keep better control of the house, cook better meals, and exercise. So, here we go again --

The princess is so full of drama and out of control emotions and I'm going crazy because I'm really not equiped to deal with it. What really scares me is that I think she is starting to mature physically and hormones are the cause of all this emotion -- but she's only 9. It seems way to early. We've had a summer full of huge dramatic meltdowns and it has continued this week. I'm really hoping that with the consistency of the school routine, she'll calm down a bit. It isn't looking good so far but some of that is the newness of school and the fact that a LOT more is expected from them in 4th grade and that has her worried.

I need a solo vacation. Oh, and I get one in three weeks. Thank the gods.

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