Saturday, October 01, 2011

A bunch of miscellaneous stuff

A list -- because my brain is that disorganized....

1.  First off, I've decided to forgo the purchase of a treadmill and will join a gym.  Seemed to make the most sense initially.  But now to figure out which gym.

2.  The socks were the culprit of the I get a big fat DUH on that one.

3.  I've a race on Sunday.  Goals?  What goals?  :)  I've got a few but they definitely aren't the ones I thought I'd have 4 weeks ago.  But that's life.  The weather should be good, the course is fun and I know a lot of people out running it so it is all good.  I am still glad I decided to do it.

4.  I've been looking back at the miles I've been putting in and while I've definitely put in more miles this year than last, I still think I need more to meet my goals.  I like the RLRF approach (which was more miles for me really) but I don't think it is quite the plan for me.  And certainly not for a marathon.  And yes, I'm thinking marathon.  And I'm still shooting for a 1.50 Half hopefully within the next year.  I've done a lot of thinking -- soon I'll start writing it down to sort through it all.

5.  There is 9 weeks until LVRNR and I'm going to use that 9 weeks to build up base from mid 20's in miles to mid 30's or even 40.  I just want to see how my body, stamina, schedule handles that many miles.

6. I should have named this blog The Wimpy Runner.  Actually I really like that -- it is a bit more catchy and totally represents me.  Sadly enough.

7.  I'm in a very good mood -- which means I am well rested.  It was my one goal for the week -- and it took a lot because my sleeping isn't all that much better.  So when I wasn't working or running, I was pretty  much in bed sleeping or attempting to sleep.  Hopefully that will help for tomorrow.

And with that, I'm off.

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Terzah said...

Good luck again, woman! I feel you on the sleep. We're entering the season where my kids get colds/coughs and wake us up in the night. Hasn't happened yet, but I know it's coming--I just hope I can work marathon training in with it!

Those goals sound good! You will get that sub-1:50 half. I want to do that too--maybe we'll do it at around the same time....