Sunday, October 02, 2011


Well, at least it wasn't a personal worst!!

It is funny really, all my half times are fairly close.

But anyway, given the past four weeks, I'm totally happy.  Still made it under 2 which is very important to me.

Participant Detail
Finished In:
Tricia D
San Jose, CA
Age: 47 | Gender: F
Overall: 2630 out of 9831 · Division: 54 out of 537 · Gender: 723 out of 5416

So I woke this morning with a bladder infection.  Really, body?  A bladder infection? This is only the second one I've had in my life.  Ever.  And today?  Actually though I wasn't quite sure what was going but by the end of the race I knew.  Gah.

But that was fine really.  A bit annoying to constantly feel like I might be need to stop but I could manage it.  Honestly, through mile 7 I was doing ok and feeling pretty good -- and even thinking that possibly I'd PR Disneyland, not by a long shot but maybe a second.  HA.  At mile 8 I was still thinking that I could hang in there.  And then mile 9 happened, though what happened I'm not entirely sure but many by body  just started shutting down.  I felt like I was barely moving.  I was barely moving -- it was awful.  I thought maybe I need an infusion so right around mile 10 I ate a gu and then rallied a bit for 10 and 11 and then just feel apart again in mile 12.  Weirdest thing.  At about mile 12.25 a friend just ran me in and boy was it difficult -- at one point, right before the finishers shoot I kept telling my friend I was about to throw up and she kept telling me I wasn't and that I could handle anything.  I finally didn't have any more energy so I stopped arguing with her (and she was right, I didn't throw up).  Anyway, she bugs off and I hit the finishers shoot and picked up the pace more so I was very pleased at that -- still had a smidgen left which was an improvement over Disneyland.

But honestly, I'm happier with this than I was 4 weeks ago.  Doesn't make sense really but given that I have done very minimal cross training, did the miles but didn't do speed training and most of the runs were not good and been taken down a bit (obviously) with work stress, I'm cool with it.  Not what I hoped 4 weeks ago when I decided to do it but that is just life.

I really do like this race and running it with a bunch of friends is so much more fun than my solo trip to Anaheim.  Especially when post race you can hit up The Britannia's patio for Guinness and fish and chips (yeah well -- there are probably better recovery meals but certainly not more fun ones!).  Super fun day.

Gonna change some things up in the next 9 weeks until Las Vegas.  Need more miles on my legs and need to lay the ground work to see if I can actually take on a marathon.

It is all good.


Caroline said...

yikes bladder infection are no fun and on race day...even worst. I get them too often..I mean once is too much right. Good job on your race this is a great time and you had some trouble. The sounds like you hit the $%#^ wall to me. I had that in Carlsbad..same thing you described,,body shutting down and I ended up collapsing at the finish line and in the medic tent. that was my first half marathon!

Terzah said...

Wow--you ran that time with a bladder infection? Iron woman!

I came down with that exact thing in July after my half. It turned into a kidney infection two days later, so be careful with yourself, girl.

That aside, you rock!

Nelly said...

Bummer about getting sick, glad the race went okay besides that!

ajh said...

Looks like you have great stats! Feel better though, bladder infections are a pain.

Courtney (Pancakes and Postcards) said...

good work! i ran that race too and did PW. oh well. i still had fun :)

Paul said...

I'm reading this now quite late..but obviously you were a bit under the weather for this race.

It's funny how small things can knock the snot out of you. One day your superman (woman) and then ou get a teeny bug and you are basically crippled.

Makes me appreciate when I'm totally healthy all the more. The trick is to try to figure out where your at on race day to pace yourself correctly given your condition. Hard.

I also love Guinness! My favorite beer. If anything can cure a bladder infection that would do it ;)