Thursday, October 27, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  Burrrr -- it was a bit chilly this morning.  I think fall has finally come to the Bay Area.  Well, our version of it anyway.  First opportunity to wimp out of a morning run because of cold and I didn't (wimp out that is!).  Go me.  Of course now I have the added stress of trying to figure out what to wear -- seems I never did quite get it down last winter so am starting over.  Because I'm a nerd, I've started a spreadsheet of run date, temp, time of run, what I wore, what I wish I wore.  We'll see how that works.  This morning though I did finally figure out what a vest might be useful for.

2.  I'm loving the 5:30 am run -- even in the very dark and even in the cold.  Yesterday I ran at 9am in the morning and it totally stressed me out.  So many people around -- I had to stop at the stop lights -- crazy.    On the early morning runs there are more signs of life starting about 6 -- but from 5.30 to 6 it is really quiet still with only the occasional car.  I'm loving the peacefulness.

3.  So far, the no pressure running just to build a bigger base is working out well.  I'm mostly loving every run.  More on that later.  


Terzah said...

I had a great 6 a.m. run this morning, too! I love the quiet, and the lack of cars to worry about, and the stars. It was super cold for me too. We got a huge dump of snow yesterday (6 inches!), but it was mostly clear and since it's so deserted at that hour I could run in the middle of the street.

Also with you on vests...running is about the only time I can understand their use.

Nelly said...

I love that fall is here, the chill in the air is welcome...and the "cold" that we talk about here is nothing compared to the rest of the country who will likely be dealing with snow soon (or now) haha

Meg said...

I'm feeling the change in the season down here in San Diego as well. Not quite as chilly, I'm sure! I LOVE running in the peacefulness of the early morning BUT on Sundays it is SO hard to get up at 5:45! I always end up dodging people during the last 6 miles of my long run!
Keep up the motivation!