Tuesday, September 27, 2011

He gets his running skills from his mother....

So my son, the marine, is biding time in North Carolina awaiting his next training assignment and calls me last night to tell me he's the fastest one in his platoon!!  He was super excited because that means he gets to call cadence during the runs and he gets to yell at all his platoon mates to speed up and tell them they aren't fast enough.  He's well suited to this sort of a job.

He also tells them that his mom can run faster then they can which it totally funny because I'm sure it isn't true.  

Anyway, the call made my day.  The boy's running a 19 and a half minute 5k so not too shabby.  He promises to run with me when he's back so we'll see if he's got some endurance in him.  Or maybe he can pace me with a cadence and I'll get my 5k time down a few notches.


Terzah said...

You must be so proud! I hope a day like that comes to me someday. Right now my kids like to run, but in that little kid way that involves sprinting....stopping...sprinting...sstopping....It's fun (speedwork, right?), but not as cool as a Marine son with a 19.5-minute 5K.

ajh said...

Good story! Yeah for your son.