Friday, December 30, 2005


Well then.

I see it has been almost two weeks since I was last here. And what a crazy two weeks it has been. The kids being home really throw my routine and that combined with Christmas, mother visit and husband being home for this week and work have made for a continuation of the crazy schedule.

The fun never ends.

Three days before Christmas son states to me in his ohso13yearoldway – mom, this is the most disorganized Christmas EVER! Not that he was wrong or anything – but nothing like having your kid highlight how incompetent you are. Of course, I should take it as a complement on how well I usually do – and in fact that is sort of what we talked about. That yes, I usually do better. But this year, for a variety of reasons (only work for him) I’m not doing so well and instead of being a bratty self centered 13 year old, he could try and help me out. He’s been a peach ever since.

But back to the fact that he certainly had a point. I was extremely incompetent this year. I’ve been busy work wise – maybe not quite this busy but I’ve been pretty darned busy. Heck, when the kids were 3 and 7 and we were still living in TX and husband was living here in CA, I managed to pull off exciting Christmas while working (a lot) and not having help and having a whole bunch of things going on then too (of course, I’m sure rose colored glasses are on – it was probably hell then too – I just seemed to be able to pull it off even if I was going crazy – this year I wasn’t so successful at pulling anything off). Of course back then, they were young and probably not paying quite as close.

But but but -- this has to go down as the worst one yet. Crazy. I've just got to sit down and figure out why (I actually know -- I just need to write it down to remember) and then make sure it never happens again.

But all said, Christmas meal came off fine and kids were happy with their stuff. The extras faded – no Christmas cards sent, no teacher gifts delivered, etc .. but the main things got done.

Now on to 2006.


Yseye said...

All the rest is needless fluff anyway, right?! ~ Yvonne

Tricia said...

And silly me for setting them up for expecting it all!!

However, you are exactly right!