Sunday, December 11, 2005

Bzzzz Bzzzzz

I want to complain about being so busy but I won't because a.) who isn't and b.) usually when people complain about being busy it is their own fault. Yeah, so I'll own my busy-ness but that doesn't alway make it any easier.

Suffice it to say, this is the worst I've ever been at Christmas time. I've managed busy and Christmas before (not alway well, but I've manged it) but I'm failing miserably this year. I'm even starting to make myself a bit nervous and it isn't helped by the fact that for some reason my son has very high expectations this year. Not necessairly for a big gift but he keeps talking about this being the best Christmas ever -- mostly because my brother and his family now live two miles from us and we'll be spending it with them, my mother and her husband then my SIL's parents. My son loves a big gathering and while this isn't huge, it will be bigger than many years. He's trying to plan shopping trips and looking forward to the chaos of the gathering. Me? I just want to run away. And I'd probably be gone if it weren't for these kids of mine.

Christmas has turned into such a hassle for me and I'm really quite sad about that. It has become a month of just more stuff to do and I'm sure by the year I figure out how to handle it all, they kids will be out of the house and I'll be boo hooing their absence. I wish I could figure out how to fix that.

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