Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Not too much related...

But I've got to get it down.

First, I could have sworn that I saw Bill Cosby on Friday, Dec 23rd in the Trader Joe's parking lot on Bascom. He was with a very attractive woman and from the google image search I just did, she was definitely his wife. As they were crossing the road to get in their car, she looked over at the car that was waiting for them and smiled huge and nodded her head -- so I'd bet that the occupants of the car were having the same 'oh my gosh, that's Bill Cosby' moment I was.

I have no idea what he'd be doing in San Jose but it it wasn't him I'd be surprised.

Second. On the Friday night before Christmas I suddenly remembered some presents I ordered from Americ@n Girl several weeks before. I checked my order online and noticed that it was delivered the previous Monday, but I didn't have it. I couldn't even imagine what happened to it but figured they didn't deliver it or it was stolen from my porch (that has happened before). So I call their customer service line that evening. Not much they can do of course, but they will reship my order. It won't be there until next week which was fine with me because we were doing an additional gift exchange this past weekend and the gifts were for my neices so they could wait.

On monday morning I find the box. I'd received it and didn't even really hide it, I just put it on the floor of my office under the desk. As soon as I saw the box it all came back to me -- I'd gotten it, noticed what it was but hadn't wanted my daughter to see it because there was stuff for her in there to so I put in on the floor to get to later. Then promptly forgot about it. Entirely.

So now I've got the replacement shipment here waiting to go back. I need to call first but am sort of embarrassed. I think I'll blame it on the kids.

Third. I'm going to New York City! I'm going to New York City! I'm going to New York City! What's a business trip for the rest of my group is a vacation for me! Wahoo.

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nycme said...

Hey thanks for stopping by. I can't tell you how many times I've done stuff like receive a package and then forget. Totally wiped from my mind. What a great idea to get a new tv/audio system as a family gift. This year at least my Husband and I actually did not get each other a single thing, and we stuck to it, so that simplified the holiday shopping a bit. Oh, and I rarely, ok, never, send Christmas cards. Sounds like you did a great job with Christmas!