Thursday, June 09, 2005

School's Out

Another year bites the dust. Amazing how time does fly no matter how cliche it is to say that.

Gone are the days where I had about 6 hours a day to get stuff done. Here are the days of "mom, I want a ride to the movies right now." We had the "I'm not really hear to serve you, I'm only here so you don't have to be in daycare" discussion tonight so I think it will work out. All I need is warning and a bit of planning and then I can be very flexible. Oh yeah, and I need to expect that I will be working nights again. UGH. I'm too old and tired to work at night but that is about the only way I'll manage to get everything done in the next three months.

The princess turns 9 tomorrow. I'm speachless.

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Mary said...

And Em turns 8 on Sunday. How did we even manage to have our babies' birthdays so close together? What are you doing? We're having a Build a Bear party.