Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Now I'M Excited!!

This years birthday party for the princess has given me fits. First, I just couldn't seem to get my act together to even think about it. Second, everytime I would think about it and ask for ideas from the princess all I would get was that she wanted and American Girl party but with no specific ideas about what to do. Some years, when I'm more on top of my game, this would be all that is required and I could come up with something. I love themed kid parties and have thrown some very cool ones back in the day. But I was uninspired.

Then, as if those American Girl people could read my mind, they sent us an advertising flyer -- low and behold they've got party packs. All the goodies and decorations for 8 girls and their dolls! How cool is that? Quite cool. But of course nothing is easy and the princess couldn't make up her mind -- did she want the Mystery Party (my choice), or the Tropical Party or the Spa Party?

So, last week, a mere few days before her actual birthday I sat her down and we picked the date (a month out) and decided the party. The Mystery Party was ruled out because it was doll specific and she didn't have the dolls designed around the party. The Spa Party seemed fun but a bit more work than I was up for. Thus we decided the Tropical Party and I placed the order. The stuff arrived yesterday!

I have to admit, I'm falling more and more in love with those American Girl people -- yeah, yeah, it is just owned by Mattel so it is really just big corporate America but I just can't help myself. We had such a good time when we visited the store back in February and now this. We got a huge box of goodies for the party. And everything came in girl sizes and doll sizes - the doll sized plates, plastic ware, cups, and umbrella's for the cups. There's a lei making kit for each girl and their doll! The goodie bag isn't a cheapie thing but has real ribbon on it. We got place mats, crepe paper, table cloth, and a bunch of table decorations - we decided against the doll cabana because that was extra.

Anyway, the stuff was so darned cute, I just had to share. I'll post a picture later. And now I'm inspired - this will be the funnest party EVER! And if not, it will at least be the cutest!

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