Thursday, June 30, 2005

It is Fixed!!

I'm happily back and running with my DSL connection. It was some super sneaky spyware that had hijacked my system, which is what I though but I didn't know what to fix it with since what I had been using for spyware obviously didn't work.

People who create evil nasty spyware should be shot. The number of unproductive hours thi sweek is about 15. 15 hours of work I've not gotten done that I still have to do.


Judy said...

Love the design here but wish you were on LJ instead so I could readyou on my freidns page! :)

Suburban Island said...

This is sunnflower from diaryland. I agree with you on the spyware problem. It's just plain rotten. I have moved my diary over to Typepad - Suburban Island -