Monday, June 06, 2005

Guitar Lessons

After about six months of listening to my son beg and plead for guitar lessons, I've finally got something arranged. The teacher shows up on Wednesday at 7:30 pm to do a bit of an assessment and have some goals discussion and then can recommend acoustic or electric. I initally was opposed to electric but then I found out you can plug headphones into them so I don't have to listen. Electric is looking better all the time.

The teacher was a rocker in the 70's and now mostly plays at churches (he says to make up for the 70's which is really quite funny) so I have a feeling my son will love that since lately he's just been listening to Queen, The Who, Ozzy Osborne and Led Zepplin on his iPod.

On to another musical adventure which I find totally amazing since there isn't a musical atom in my body.

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