Monday, June 13, 2005

My Babies!

My Babies!
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Admit it. I have the cutest kids EVER!

Well, looking at this photo a bit now on flickr, I probably should have photoshopped out the mic. It looks like he has this black growth on face. Oh well.

This was taken on Sat the 4th after the high school kids and my son did a performance of Seussical (the only thing we do this year). They (the performers) got to perform at The Rep for two shows. It was a fundraising performance to help raise more money for their trip to Scotland. The did get some money in but I think it went for general costs vs. back into the kids' trip funds. Rats on it all.

It was fun to see the show on a proscenium arch stage. The stage at the high school stuck out into the audience and was three sided. This was more traditional and it worked well(after the entire show was re-choreographed) and was fun. The same, yet different which helped since I've seen this show at least 20 times.

Anyway, my little JoJo being congratulated by his siter.

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